Axis Medical Staffing Travel Nursing Agency Review 2023

Axis Medical Staffing Travel Nursing agency was founded back in 2004.

Since then, the demand for nurses of all kinds has steadily risen. That long-term trend has only been exacerbated with the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the past couple of years, healthcare facilities all over the United States have struggled with constant staff shortages due to the pandemic. 

Considering this, it’s no wonder that so many staffing agencies have had their hands full redirecting travel nurses to various assignments all over the country.

While there are quite a few new agencies, some of them, like Axis Medical Staffing, have been around for a long time.

In this post, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of travel nursing with Axis Medical Staffing and see if the agency may be a good fit you.

Why Choose Travel Nursing With Axis Medical Staffing?

Two entrepreneurs founded this staffing agency back in 2004. At the time, they said their goal was to run a travel nursing agency differently than their competitors. They wanted to treat nurses with more:

  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Generosity

Fast forward to 2022, and it appears they’ve succeeded.

Most online reviews and testimonials written by actual travel nurses attest to Axis Medical Staffing being one of the most transparent and honest agencies they’ve worked with. 

Axis Medical Staffing “Rock Star” Travel Nurses

Now, before you apply, prepare for a tiny bit of excusable cringe: they call all of their nurses their “Rock Stars”.

Sure, this seems like a cute piece of homepage copy. However, once you visit their website, you’ll see that the term is present throughout the entire company.

Don’t be surprised to hear about their “Rock Star Benefits” instead of travel nurse benefits, for example. 

8 Pros Of Travel Nursing With Axis Medical Staffing

1. Flexibility

As any travel nurse will tell you, flexibility and the opportunity for traveling are the two main advantages of this kind of job (besides the awesome pay!).

Axis Medical Staffing delivers on their promise of adventure. In fact, they have open travel assignments in every single U.S. state!

Nurses have the opportunity to display their knowledge and expertise in just about every location they can think of. At the same time, they also gain valuable work experience in a variety of settings. 

2. Values

One of the first things that an Axis Medical Staffing recruiter will tell you is that they’re not like the rest.

While that’s something you expect to hear from every nurse staffing company, it’s the truth.

Unlike the average huge staffing agency, they’re not just business people overselling positions to nurses while pushing resumes around.

Instead, they retain about the same number of nationwide positions as the heavy hitters, while also keeping to their ethos of a “personal touch” for every individual nurse. 

Most importantly, they don’t like wasting anyone’s time. Whether you’re one of their “rockstar nurses” or one of their clients in search of nursing talent, the entire “matchmaking” process is quite simple.

The application process is light on the usual stacks of paperwork you’d find at most other agencies. Only the bare necessities matter here. 

3. Adventure

As we’ve noted above, one of the main reasons travel nurses love working with Axis Medical is their sense of adventure.

There’s pretty much no city or rural region where Axis can’t find you an assignment that fits your needs. 

4. Compensation

Of course, as great as traveling around the country is, you can’t pay for rent and gas with a fulfilled sense of adventure.

That’s why it’s important for staffing companies to provide decent pay. Axis Medical Staffing delivers on this as well.

They have a comprehensive pay structure ensuring people with different skills and experience levels all get paid fairly.

The compensation is appropriate for nurses in any stage of their career. Better yet, there are also bonuses for the hardest-working folks! 

5. Plenty Of Work

Sometimes travel nurses have a hard time finding a job posting that’s the perfect fit for them.

After all, there are many variables. First, you need to ensure the job is at a location you want to travel to and spend time in. Meanwhile, you also want to work in a great facility that provides you the right work experience.

Luckily, this is not an issue with Axis Medical. This is because their large number of client facilities ensures there’s something for every kind of nurse. 

It’s worth pointing out that travel nurses aren’t the only people who work hard at Axis. The Talent Scouts (which is their name for recruiters) that collaborate with nurses and give them assignments are all:

  • Experienced
  • Well-mannered
  • Committed to their work

They get every nurse hired and prepared for the next job. They’re also there to handle any questions or issues. 

Whether this is your first assignment as a travel nurse or you’re a bit more seasoned, you’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and dedication of these Talent Scouts.

They’re the primary point of contact between Axis and their nurses. According to first-hand nurse reviews, most Scouts ensure communication flows seamlessly and quickly. 

6. Lack Of Paperwork

One of the most boring things every travel nurse goes through is preparing and submitting the arduous paperwork. This is true both when you apply to work with a new agency, or when you apply for individual assignments.

However, Axis Medical Staffing has streamlined the whole process and minimized the paperwork involved.

This may seem like a small benefit, but Axis is full of these tiny gestures that add up to a lot. 

7. Personalized Housing

Most nurse staffing agencies provide some kind of housing. This is typically true whether it’s housing provided directly by the agency or through stipends.

However, Axis Medical goes a step further. Their Talent Scouts make sure that your housing location perfectly fits your needs. Axis will work to find you an ideal location, whether you’ve dreamed of living:

  • Near an ocean
  • Close to a mountain
  • Around a park for your doggo

Every nurse has different living preferences, and this agency takes that into account. 

8. 401k And Quick Vesting

This travel nursing agency invests in the future of its nurses as well. Axis offers a generous 401k match and immediate vesting.

Apart from the 401k package, they’re also ready to provide reimbursement for state licenses. This makes it easier for nurses to renew their licenses.

It’s also great for nursing students just transitioning into their careers. 

Downsides of Travel Nursing With Axis Medical

There are clearly plenty of benefits to travel nursing with Axis, and most of them revolve around great relations with their nurses.

However, as with any travel nursing agency, you’ll want to consider the downsides of Axis Medical Staffing as well.

While recruiters are constantly available and friendly, the tangible benefits the company offers are rather mediocre.

For instance, the health insurance available to nurses has a 60-day enrollment period. This is quite a lot considering most of their competitors provide day-one enrollment.

That means nurses working a standard 13-week contract spend two-thirds of that time without proper agency insurance. 


Axis Medical Staffing Travel Nursing agency may be a good fit if you value a close relationship with your agency while still wanting lots of assignments to choose from. The biggest downside is that they don’t offer day-one benefits.

However, this agency may still be a good choice if you’re more concerned with your salary than secondary benefits.

You’ll probably find that this company has a decent offering for adventure-seeking travel nurses who are ready to begin a brand new chapter in their lives. 

Ready to begin you travel nursing adventure? Then start traveling today!

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