Benedictine University Online BSN Program Review 2023

Benedictine University’s online BSN program features understanding instructors and positive post-graduate outcomes.

The school also ranks as one of our best online BSN programs, so it’s definitely worth reading about. 

In this post, we’ll cover all the essential information about the online BSN program at Benedictine University to help you figure out if it may be a good fit for you.

Why Enroll in Benedictine University’s Online BSN Program?

Benedictine University offers only one pathway through which you can earn your online Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing: the RN to BSN pathway.

While the undergraduate tracks may be limited, it is worth noting that the school features several different online post-graduate options.

Additionally, the school features a host of instructors who understand what it’s like to earn a nursing degree while working full time. If empathetic instructors are a priority for you, Benedictine could be an excellent choice.

The school also features a variety of different courses, including several RN to BSN specific courses in addition to an interdisciplinary seminar.

Finally, the school boasts impressive post-graduate outcomes and a large network of alumni, which could be key once you obtain your degree and begin looking for more advanced nursing positions.

To learn more about all of this and more, keep reading!

Graduate Reviews of the BSN Program at Benedictine University

Unfortunately, we were only able to find one review for Benedictine University’s online BSN program on Indeed, and it was left by someone who completed both their BSN and MSN through the school:

“Great community. I loved the flexibility of the program. I enjoyed online schooling and hope some day to give back and finally become an online instructor.”

-Indeed User (October 6, 2019)

While online program reviews are sparse, we also found reviews of their on-campus BSN program on Indeed:

“Excellent School, they really help you get through the program and offer any help you may need. It was a wonderful experience and I may go back for my masters.”

-Indeed User (March 27, 2020)

“Good combination of book and online learning. Excellent teachers. Good class times, lots of future encouragement. Many different ways of learning. Team work.”

-Indeed User (January 18, 2020)

4 Pros of Benedictine University’s Online BSN Program

There are several qualities that differentiate Benedictine University’s online BSN program from the other options out there.

Learn about four of them below.

1. Positive Outcomes

According to GradReports, graduates from Benedictine’s BSN program have an impressive 100% post-graduation employment.

Additionally, the median alumni earnings is $70,370, and the median debt for graduates is $15,980. This earned the program a salary score of 67/100, which is pretty good.

While these numbers include both the online and on-camps BSN tracks, the figures show that the school prepares its graduates to succeed in the nursing field.

Finally, the school currently boasts 31,125 active alumni, meaning you’ll have a large network of former students you may be able to network with.

2. Variety of Courses

In order to complete Benedictine University’s online BSN program, you’ll need to pass 11 courses. Ten of these are RN to BSN Nursing courses, and some of the topics include:

  • Perspective of Professional Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Scholarship: Role of Research in Evidence-Based Practice
  • Comprehensive Health and Physical Assessment
  • Health Promotion For Families, Communities, and Populations
  • Healthcare Policy, Regulation, and Advocacy

Additionally, you’ll need to complete one interdisciplinary seminar. The seminar currently listed on their website is titled “Catholic/Benedictine Intellectual Traditions: Sustainability/Stewardship.”

Finally, the school stresses the importance of weaving their 10 Hallmarks into instruction, which includes emphasis on qualities like community, hospitality, and humility.

3. Top-quality Instruction

The instructors for Benedictine University’s online BSN program understand that you need to maintain a work-school balance because they all have experience earning their degrees while working.

This means you’ll not only have professors with nursing experience you can learn from, but they understand the struggle of learning and working at the same time.

Additionally, the school’s faculty:

  • Has experience in building inclusive, online learning communities
  • Teach in their areas of specialty
  • Are nursing leaders who can share valuable insights

Finally, Benedictine stresses the importance of real-world coursework, meaning your courses will prepare you for the wide array of experiences you may undertake as a nurse.

4. Post-graduate Options

While the only undergraduate-level degree Benedictine offers online is the RN-to-BSN track, there are lots of online options at the graduate level.

For instance, the school offers:

  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Dual MSN/Master of Business Administration
  • Post Master’s Nurse Educator Certificate
  • Post-Master’s Nurse Executive Leader Certificate

If you decide to go for one of the certificates with this university and you get your BSN here, you may even be able to waive two foundation-level courses, which could save you time in earning your certificate.

So, while you may be a bit limited in your BSN options for this program, if you plan on going for an advanced nursing degree, it may be smart to consider Benedictine University.

Cons of Benedictine University’s Online BSN Program

The major downside to Benedictine University’s online BSN program is that you’ll already need to be an RN in order to enroll. 

Additionally, the school’s website doesn’t make it clear whether it accepts applicants from all states, or if it only accepts students with active RN licenses in certain states. 

The school is located in Illinois, so anyone residing there should be safe to enroll provided you meet other entry requirements. However, if you’re a licensed RN in a different state, you’ll need to contact their admissions team to figure out whether or not you’re eligible to enroll.


While the online undergraduate options at Benedictine University are a bit sparse, it is definitely an academically sound program, and there are plenty of post-graduate options to choose from if you’re interested.

However, it’s a good idea to check out multiple options before making a final choice on any degree program.

If you want to look for other options that may fit your needs, then click here to find an online BSN program.

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