19 Best Travel Nursing Agencies Ranked [The Definitive Guide For 2023]

Best Travel Nursing Agencies Rankings
The top-rated travel nursing agency is Axis Medical Staffing. Discover why and the other best travel nursing agencies here.

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There are an overwhelming number of travel nursing agencies to choose from. With all the options, how can you pick the best one?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We aggregated data from Indeed and Glassdoor in order to determine the top-rated travel nursing agencies for 2023.

Best of all, the ratings on these sites come from real travel nurses who have actually worked with these companies.

In this post, you’ll see the top-rated travel nursing agencies and learn a little more about each one. If you want to explore an agency further, just follow the links to read our full, in-depth reviews.

What Is The Best Travel Nursing Agency?

Axis Medical Staffing is the best travel nursing agency based on ratings from travel nurses on Indeed and Glassdoor.

However, always remember that while one agency may be a perfect fit for one travel nurse, it may be a different story for someone else.

For example, while one travel nurse may value a close relationship with their recruiter, another might be more concerned with salary or benefits.

Continue reading to learn more about Axis Medical and the other top-rated agencies.

The 19 Best Travel Nursing Agencies Ranked

1. Axis Medical Staffing

Axis Medical Staffing Travel Nursing Agency

Axis Medical Staffing earned the title of best travel nursing agency for 2023 based on our aggregated data from ratings by travel nurses.

This agency was founded in 2004 and boasts lots of benefits, including:

  • Assignment opportunities in every state
  • A “personal touch” unrivaled by other agencies
  • A nice payment structure

Though it’s a highly-rated company and travelers are eligible for healthcare benefits the first of the month following their date of hire but it is something to be aware of as there is a month wait. If this is key in your decision, there are other options that offer day-one benefits.

However, if you’re in it for the adventure, this is a great agency to work with.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating4.96
Indeed Average Rating4.9 (36 Ratings)
Glassdoor Average Rating5 (62 Ratings)

2. Triage Staffing

Triage Staffing Travel Nursing Agency

Triage Staffing operates by the motto of “real and ready.” There are tons of great reviews from their employees, and they emphasize clear and open communication.

If you’re looking to build long-term relationships and communicate with your recruiter regularly, this may be a perfect option.

Just keep in mind that they do promote a more fun and casual culture, which may not be suitable for everyone.

Also, you’ll need two years of experience if you want to work with them. However, if you don’t have the experience yet, they still encourage you to get in touch and build a relationship while you gain that experience.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating4.77
Indeed Average Rating4.7 (200 Ratings)
Glassdoor Average Rating4.8 (422 Ratings)

3. Fusion Medical Staffing

Fusion Medical Staffing Travel Nursing Agency

Fusion Medical Staffing ranks as the third best travel nursing agency.

It began as a small business in 2009, but since then has grown rapidly. They’ve even won awards for being one of the fastest-growing companies and having an excellent workplace culture.

Some of the reasons to choose Fusion include:

  • They accept new graduates and provide a mentorship program
  • An emphasis on social responsibility and volunteering
  • An inclusive culture; for example, participating in LGBTQ+ pride events, disability fundraisers, and more

While the company does hire new graduates, the information on their website isn’t all that thorough. This can be a little scary for new travel nurses, so make sure you ask the right questions so you can decide if Fusion meets all of your needs.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating4.75
Indeed Average Rating4.7 (184 Ratings)
Glassdoor Average Rating4.8 (211 Ratings)

4. Travel Nurses Inc.

Travel Nurses Inc Agency Review

Travel Nurses Inc. has been in business for over 30 years and features 24/7 clinical support. They also won the ClearlyRated Best of Staffing in both 2021 and 2022.

The agency has a robust job board, and even features a “Furnished Finder” tool that allows you to book housing options right on their website.

They provide day-one healthcare coverage and make contract transparency a priority. Your recruiter will schedule a review of your contract before you begin an assignment, ensuring all your needs are met.

While the ratings for this company on Indeed and Glassdoor are a bit sparse, this agency has lots of glowing reviews on Facebook and Google that are worth checking out.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you will need one year of experience to work TNI.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating4.63
Facebook Rating (lack of Indeed data)4.8 (22 Ratings)
Glassdoor Rating4.3 (11 Ratings)

5. RNnetwork

RNnetwork Travel Nursing Agency

RNnetwork ranks number four on our list of best travel nursing agencies.

This agency gives you the best of both worlds. While they have a personal and friendly approach to working with travel nurses, they also have the resources of a huge staffing company. This is because they are owned by a parent company called CHG Healthcare Services.

Other benefits of working with RNnetwork are that they:

  • Only focus on travel nursing
  • Provide great compensation and benefits
  • Have an easy-to-use job search platform

Just be wary of the fact that your experience may vary depending on the recruiter you are matched with. The wrong recruiter could leave you with a subpar experience.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating4.56
Indeed Average Rating4.2 (108 Ratings)
Glassdoor Average Rating4.9 (113 Ratings)

6. Krucial Staffing

Crucial Staffing Travel Nursing Agency

Krucial Staffing specializes in staffing healthcare facilities in urgent need of nurses.

This means the assignments tend to be in more high-risk, emergency areas. It also means you’ll typically need to be ready to start working within 48 hours.

While these assignments are certainly more challenging, you’ll also be compensated for that extra difficulty.

Additionally, you’ll receive:

  • Day-one benefits
  • Extra benefits through Krucial’s partnerships
  • Excellent housing options

If you’re up for a challenge and want access to a wide variety of assignments that tend to be shorter in length, this may be the right option for you.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating4.40
Indeed Average Rating4.3 (140 Ratings)
Glassdoor Average Rating4.5 (127 Ratings)

7. Atlas MedStaff

Atlas MedStaff Travel Nursing Agency

Atlas MedStaff has been around for over three decades. They place a focus on working closely with travel nurses and tailoring their contracts to fit their needs.

For example, each contract includes an “Atlas Adventure,” which is a unique experience that could include anything from skiing to going to see your favorite professional sports team.

Other reasons to work with this agency include:

  • Great insurance and benefits options
  • Paid private housing options
  • Transparent and long-term relationships

Just make sure you get set up with and develop a good relationship with your recruiter. As with many other of the best travel nursing agencies, this could make or break your experience.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating4.39
Indeed Average Rating3.9 (34 Ratings)
Glassdoor Average Rating4.7 (54 Ratings)

8. Prime Time Healthcare

Prime Time Healthcare Travel Nursing Agency

Prime Time Healthcare has been recruiting healthcare professionals for over 15 years.

If salary is a top priority, this may be a good agency to work with. Their travel nurse salary tends to go above average and offer great secondary perks, like:

  • An excellent range of benefits
  • Referral bonuses
  • Paid travel

Keep in mind that Prime Time tends to work with elite-level healthcare professionals.

Also, this agency doesn’t only find placements for travel nurses. They also fill positions for per diem nursing and permanent positions.

If you want an agency solely focused on travel nursing, you may want to look somewhere else. However, if you want to build a long-term relationship with a company and eventually move out of travel nursing, this could be a perfect fit.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating4.38
Indeed Average Rating4.2 (187 Ratings)
Glassdoor Average Rating4.7 (105 Ratings)

9. Travel Nurse Across America

Travel Nurse Across America Agency

Travel Nurse Across America has been around since 1999. They’ve often been featured in top ten lists for travel nursing agencies, and they’re considered one of the most reputable in the nation.

The agency boasts great relationships with its client facilities and a clear and transparent company culture.

One of the best things about TNAA is their benefits. They send an Assignment Benefit Summary before each assignment begins.

If you’re looking to put in some extra hours, you may also be able to take advantage of “TNAA Boost Pay.” This is a special rate you receive if you work an extra shift.

The agency also features other typical benefits, and even pay protection if one of your shifts gets cancelled.

While the company does boast a robust job board, it doesn’t publish pay rates on third-party sites when promoting job opportunities. This could be frustrating when looking for a position that fits your compensation needs.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating4.32
Indeed Rating4.1 (88 Ratings)
Glassdoor Rating4.6 (70 Ratings)

10. Aya Healthcare

Aya Healthcare Travel Nursing Agency

Aya Healthcare is one of the biggest and best-known travel nursing agencies in the United States.

Due to their size and reputation, they feature a huge selection of assignments to choose from.

Other advantages of working with this agency include:

  • Day-one benefits
  • Credentialing and paperwork support
  • Scholarships and education assistance

If you want to work with an agency with lots of resources, you should definitely consider Aya.

However, just remember that their size may mean you can’t build the same type of relationship you could with a smaller agency.

If having a “personal touch” is important to you, this may not be the best option.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating4.20
Indeed Rating4.2 (293 Ratings)
Glassdoor Rating4.2 (770 Ratings)

11. Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions Travel Nursing Agency

Medical Solutions is an agency that focuses on custom-tailored contracts for their travel nurses.

In fact, before a nurse agrees to a contract, a consultant from the agency will speak with them about what is most important to them.

While each contract will be different depending on the needs of each nurse, you can expect:

  • An excellent 401(k) plan
  • Referral bonuses
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Health benefits
  • Employee assistance program

While the contract flexibility and customization can be great for travel nurses who know exactly what they want, all the options could be overwhelming if you’re not sure.

If you’re new to travel nursing, it may be better idea to go with an agency offering standard contracts that have been tried and tested by lots of nurses before you.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating4.13
Indeed Rating4.0 (261 Ratings)
Glassdoor Rating4.3 (206 Ratings)

12. Fastaff Travel Nursing

Fastaff Travel Nursing Agency

Fastaff Travel Nursing specializes in “Rapid Response” healthcare staffing. This means they staff facilities in desperate need of nurses during times of crisis, like environmental disasters or extreme staffing shortages.

This agency offers some of the highest pay rates to travel nurses. However, this is largely because the assignments tend to be more difficult given their “Rapid Response” specialization.

If salary is top priority, this may be just the agency for you.

However, keep in mind that you’ll likely need to be ready to start working within 48 hours of accepting a position.

These more difficult assignments also tend be a better fit for more experienced nurses. Their culture is more professional and less friendly because of the urgent nature of most of their placements.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating4.10
Indeed Rating4.1 (110 Ratings)
Glassdoor Rating4.1 (111 Ratings)

13. Nomad

Nomad Travel Nursing

Nomad boasts one of the best and most streamlined digital marketplaces for finding travel nursing assignments. Also, their pay packages tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum.

A few other upsides to working with this agency include:

  • Weekly pay
  • Licensure reimbursement
  • Medical, dental, and vision benefits

However, some travel nurses that worked with the company reported that there was poor communication. This could be a huge problem, especially if you’re new to travel nursing.

Nomad Travel Nursing is part of the broader Nomad Health platform, so it may be easy to get lost in the shuffle of such a big company.

It’s worth noting that there are plenty of both 5 and 1 star ratings, so it may just depend on the recruiter you end up working with.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating3.98
Indeed Rating2.8 (20 Ratings)
Glassdoor Rating4.4 (57 Ratings)

14. Aureus Medical

Aureus Medical Travel Nursing Agency

Aureus Medical has been around for over 35 years, and they promote a highly-personalized approach to travel nursing.

Every nurse has a dedicated recruiter. However, if the recruiter is unavailable, there is always someone to offer support 24/7.

The agency also boasts:

  • Long-standing relationships with healthcare facilities
  • A dedicated housing and travel department
  • Robust benefits

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the agency is rather large. So, despite having a dedicated recruiter, you may have to deal with a number of different staff members.

Unfortunately, this means information can sometimes slip through the cracks, meaning you may have to repeat yourself if your information isn’t passed along by their staff members.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating3.95
Indeed Rating3.8 (441 Ratings)
Glassdoor Rating4.2 (251 Ratings)

15. Trustaff

Trustaff Travel Nursing

Trustaff has been matching travel nurses with hospitals for over two decades.

One thing that makes this agency stand out is their superb communication and helpful staff. They have an active support line with people ready to help you out.

They offer everything you’d expect from a travel nursing company, including:

  • Health insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Start and completion bonuses

However, assignment length can be inconsistent when working with Trustaff. Most assignments last 13 weeks, but they could end up being shorter or longer.

If you need a more consistent schedule, this may not be the best fit.

BetterNurse Agregate Rating3.88
Indeed Rating3.8 (290 Ratings)
Glassdoor Rating4.0 (191 Ratings)

16. Maxim

Maxim Travel Nursing

Maxim Healthcare Staffing has been around for over three decades. In addition to travel nurses, they also staff for home healthcare and wellness services. The company employs more than 65,000 healthcare professionals in the United States.

The agency offers competitive pay rates and placements at some of the best facilities in the country.

Like some of the other travel nursing agencies on this list, a lot of the travel nursing assignments tend to be in high-stress, high-volume areas.

While this will earn you a higher paycheck, it may not be the best fit for newer nurses.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the agency has been a bit slow to resolve paycheck issues in the past. While the problems were always resolved, it could add more stress to an already stressful placement.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating3.85
Indeed Rating3.5 (5,679 Ratings)
Glassdoor Rating4.4 (3,652 Ratings)

17. TotalMed

TotalMed Staffing Travel Nursing Agency

TotalMed Staffing provides healthcare facilities travel nurses and helps nurses find local jobs.

If you’re a travel nurse looking to cover all your basics, this agency may be a good option. They have a large network and robust online job board, meaning you’ll have lots of assignments to choose from.

The company also provides:

  • Day one benefits
  • Credentialing and paperwork assistance
  • Educational and professional support

One thing to be wary of is that some nurses have complained about a long onboarding process. However, for most nurses, the process has not been a problem.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating3.84
Indeed Rating3.5 (124 Ratings)
Glassdoor Rating4.1 (161 Ratings)

18. NuWest

NuWest Travel Nursing Agency

NuWest has been around for about 25 years and prides itself on the quick deployment of travel nurses. In fact, they typically send nurses to an assignment within 72 hours.

This agency has a smaller feel and a more personal touch. It also offers competitive pay rates and all the benefits you’d expect from a travel nursing company.

The downside is that they have a smaller number of available assignments compared to some other agencies. They mainly staff facilities in:

  • Florida
  • Montana
  • California

However, if you’re a travel nurse looking to work in one of these states and you’re prepared for quick deployment, NuWest may be a good fit.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating3.83
Indeed Rating4.0 (120 Ratings)
Glassdoor Rating3.6 (85 Ratings)

19. OneStaff Medical

OneStaff Medical Travel Nursing Agency

OneStaff Medical boasts experienced recruiters and dedication to the nurses they work with.

If you choose this agency, you’ll be able to contact a representative 24/7, 365 days a year. This way, if any problems come up, you can start finding solutions immediately.

They also provide communication on assistance with career goals and help in meeting your travel expectations.

Like most of the agencies on this list, you’ll have access to standard benefits and plenty of housing options.

However, OneStaff tends to work with travel nurses with at least two years of experience.

There have also been complaints of lack of cooperation between the agencies’ departments. Though they may be isolated instances, it’s a good idea to be wary.

BetterNurse Aggregate Rating3.78
Indeed Rating3.9 (63 Ratings)
Glassdoor Rating3.6 (42 Ratings)


While Axis Medical Staffing is the top-rated travel nursing agency in 2023, the company that’s right for you will depend on your priorities.

Don’t be afraid to explore multiple options before making your final decision. This will ensure you secure the best contract possible.

If you’re reading to start working as a travel nurse, then start traveling now!

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