Krucial Staffing Travel Nursing Agency Review 2023

Krucial Staffing travel nursing agency is one of the biggest agencies in the US.

On the one hand, the company helps facilities in desperate need of additional staff. On the other, they provide nurses with opportunities that are:

  • Professionally fulfilling
  • Challenging
  • Unique

These days, especially since the beginning of the pandemic, plenty of healthcare facilities need assistance when it comes to emergency staffing.

There are always travel nurses looking for new employment opportunities. However, there’s a shortage of nursing staff across the country. Krucial Staffing was created to bridge the gap between the two.

Should you choose Krucial Staffing over other travel nursing agencies? Read on to find out!

Why Choose Travel Nursing With Krucial Staffing?

Krucial Staffing Travel Nursing agency wants to be the most secure long-term partner travel nurses can have. They also want to help nurses apply their valuable skills to help others.

Interestingly enough, Krucial Staffing is more versatile than your average travel nursing agency. They provide both non-clinical and clinical staff to various locations that need urgent assistance and recovery support in the long run. 

The agency is one of the most prominent players on the market. They have the bandwidth needed to rapidly deploy huge staff volumes across a variety of locations in the US.

In fact, they have more than 300,000 reservists in their network of non-clinical and clinical healthcare professionals. 

What Is Working With Krucial Staffing Like?

Once you get in touch with company representatives and sign up, you’ll find that there is no single defined role you’ll have. However, depending on your relevant experience and training, you will usually fulfill the same position on multiple sites.

For instance, an EMT that signs up to work with Krucial Staffing would probably be assigned to an ambulance or an ER. However, there are rare cases of healthcare professionals working out of their specialty.

It’s also worth noting that Krucial Staffing does not keep their travel nurses as employees. Instead, they’re treated as contractors.

The agency prides itself on its ability to deploy staff within 48 hours of receiving a request. This means you’ll need to be available within two days of your activation.

Krucial Staffing Travel Nursing Assignments

Most assignments last for three weeks, though there are exceptions.

Depending on the location and level of urgency, you may also find yourself working 12-hour shifts.

When it comes to tangible benefits, some travel nurses reported receiving $4,000 per week. However, the compensation varies on a case-by-case basis.

Generally, assignments in high-risk emergency areas provide the highest payments and benefits. For emergency assignments, you also get:

  • Paid hotel lodgings
  • A food stipend
  • Full travel reimbursement

6 Benefits of Travel Nursing With Krucial Staffing

There are lots of benefits to signing up with Krucial staffing.

We discuss 6 of them below.

1. Dedication To Core Values

Krucial Staffing puts a lot of stock into its core values:

  • Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Passion

They’re very proud of the fact that they’re able to help others when they need help the most. They’re also able to do it urgently.

With that kind of emphasis on haste and efficiency, it’s easy to see how care for their actual nursing staff could slip through the cracks. However, that’s certainly not the case.

They provide plenty of benefits and highly competitive weekly salaries. This is especially true when it comes to nurses that work in high-risk conditions. It’s also true for those that handled COVID-19 patients during the last few years.

2. Additional Benefits Through Partnerships

Krucial Staffing offers some of the standard travel nursing benefits to their contractors. However, they’ve also got a couple of excellent partnerships with other brands, organizations, and facilities.

This allows them to provide their nurses with additional discounts on all kinds of things.

For instance, their partnership with Wyndham Hotels allows their “reservists” to save sizable sums of money come vacation time.

They have access to discounted lodgings at more than 9,000 hotels and resorts across the world. This includes both domestic locations and vacation spots abroad. Some of the discounts go up to almost 20 percent! 

Also, they have a great discount partnership with HelloFresh, one of the leading fresh meal delivery brands. Considering how much work travel nurses do and how little time they have to dedicate to grocery shopping and cooking, this is a huge boon.

Furthermore, nurses that want or need to buy new scrubs get a massive 30% discount at Lifethreads.

3. Day-One Benefits

Of course, all of the discounts above wouldn’t be worth a lot if they didn’t provide the basic stuff all travel nurses need, such as:

  • Day-one healthcare
  • 401k
  • Accrued sick pay

The life of the average travel nurse can be quite unpredictable, so stuff like this is very important. 

4. Wide Variety of Assignments

Krucial Staffing travel nursing agency is most famous for its emergency staffing in high-risk situations. However, they have an extensive palette. You can find this on their jobs page.

Bear in mind that you’ll have to sign up for a profile before you can view their full job board. This is standard practice for most travel nursing agencies, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Still, you can imagine what kind of varied assignments there are, considering the fact that they routinely deploy tens of thousands of people simultaneously.

Finding the next job once you’re finished with the last one isn’t tricky. This is mainly because travel nurses are in such high demand. 

5. Great Job Board

There are plenty of big travel nursing agencies out there that are capable of finding the right assignments for their nurses.

However, many of them fail to grasp the importance of modern technology. This is especially true when it comes to the efficiency of the whole process. Luckily, that’s not the case with Krucial Staffing.

One look at their website and job board is enough for anyone to realize that this agency hasn’t skimped on its web design. They’ve got an excellent system for matching travel nurses with their assignments. In fact, this is one of their primary selling points. 

Nurses can easily perform searches based on a variety of filters, such as:

  • Location
  • Education
  • Skillset

6. Proper Housing Options

Saying that great housing is essential for travel nurses would be an understatement. Krucial Staffing knows this well.

We’ve already mentioned that they routinely pay for hotel lodgings for short-term emergency tasks. However, we should also point out that they have a regular housing process as well.

They can find agency housing for their staff or provide them with an industry-standard stipend in case they want to find housing themselves.

It’s all very professional, slick, and efficient. No nurses have complained about agency housing online. 

Disadvantage of Travel Nursing With Krucial Staffing

Considering how professional Krucial Staffing tends to be with their work, there’s really only one obvious downside: they tend to provide staffing services to riskier, more difficult locations than the average travel nursing agency.

However, their compensation for these more challenging assignments is more than fair and quite generous. Nurses are always free to choose more accessible locations as well. 


Krucial Staffing travel nursing agency is a great choice for nurses looking for more challenging assignments.

While the assignments may be more difficult, it typically results in higher compensation. When you add in the additional benefits, it looks like a solid choice.

Ready to start your travel nursing journey? Then start traveling today!

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