Liquid Agents Healthcare Travel Nursing Agency Review 2023

Liquid Agents Healthcare is one of the top travel nursing agencies with almost two decades of experience in the industry.

Travel nursing is more popular than ever, which is no surprise considering the nationwide shortage of healthcare professionals. In the post-COVID era, there’s a huge demand for travel nurses that can provide their expertise all around the country.

Read on to see if Liquid Agents Healthcare may be the right travel nursing agency for you!

Why Choose Travel Nursing with Liquid Agents Healthcare?

Liquid Agents has been operating since 2003. Back then, the mission statement of the agency was simple: take dedicated, talented healthcare professionals and place them into the best-paying jobs available. 

After two decades and some initial growing pains, that mission remains intact, and Liquid Agents has definitely got better at what they do.

Today, they pride themselves on their high levels of transparency. Nurses are in constant contact with their recruiters, and nothing is done without their permission and explicit consent. 

While the satisfaction of the healthcare facilities they serve is definitely important, Liquid Agents prioritizes travel nurses’ wellbeing and satisfaction above all else.

According to the agency, they see each nurse as more than just a number or a pair of scrubs. They want to fulfill each nurse’s individual requirements and needs. 

Pros of Travel Nursing with Liquid Agents Healthcare

There are quite a few benefits that keep drawing travel nurses to Liquid Agents Healthcare.

Read on to learn all about them.

1. Well-Designed App and Job Board

Though a smartphone app might not seem like a top-of-the-list priority for travel nurses, it can actually be a great time-saving tool. However, this is only true if the app is designed well and easy to use.

Luckily, in the case of the Liquid Agents app, that’s definitely the case.

The app is the best way to browse the the agency’s internal job board. It also provides some secondary career management and scheduling features.

Still, if you want to keep yourself abreast of any new job opportunities available through Liquid Agents Healthcare, the best way to do it in real-time is through the app.

You can also set alerts for your favorite searches, ensuring you get a notification whenever a relevant opportunity pops up. 

2. Transparency

One of the main complaints travel nurses have about most subpar agencies relates to a lack of transparency. Some agencies get too caught up in their own marketing, which almost always leads to overpromising and underdelivering.

Many of them even claim that they can find work for any nursing specialty in any location, which simply isn’t realistic. 

On the other hand, while Liquid Agents Healthcare is quick to boast about their abilities to find a plethora of nursing assignments, they’re far more realistic about the demand for different types of healthcare professionals.

They recognize that there are some healthcare professionals for whom there’s a constant demand. While Registered Nurses are luckily on that list, Liquid Agents is always quick to tell it like it is. 

3. Desire To Improve

In the past two decades, Liquid Agents Healthcare has shown something not many companies do: a clear dedication to self-improvement. 

While there have been complaints about the company’s undedicated recruiters in the past, things have visibly changed for the better in the past half-decade. Most of the nurses that have worked with this travel nursing agency in the past five years claim that their recruiters are some of the best in the business when it comes to collaboration. 

Experienced nurses know that no matter how great an agency seems, everything depends on the specific recruiter they’re dealing with in practice. In recent years, the recruiters from Liquid Agents have been hard at work finding the best possible opportunities for their nurses. 

According to nurse testimonials, they’ve made a constant effort to keep in touch and communicate on any issue. Right now, most travel nurses working with Liquid Agents are certain that their recruiters want to make things right if any issues come up. They also listen to any concerns nurses might have. 

4. Variety of Opportunities 

A career in travel healthcare is certainly an exciting and financially rewarding prospect, but it can also be challenging. That’s why Liquid Agents takes great care to only work with nurses who have enough basic nurse experience to withstand the dynamic nature and pressures of the job. 

Besides a compact license or a state license for the locations where you want to work, you’ll also need at least 2 years of experience to work as a travel nurse with Liquid Agents.

However, once you fulfill those basic requirements, the agency is quick to find any kind of travel assignment you want. This ensures you can reach your specific career goals. 

Also, the past two decades have seen Liquid Agents expand their network of client facilities across the whole country. They can find you assignments nationwide, allowing you to experience life practically anywhere in the United States.

If you need help obtaining a license in a specific state where you want to work, Liquid Agents Healthcare provides assistance with that as well.  

5. Flexibility

Seeing as the demand for travel nurses is seasonal and prone to fluctuations, the nature of the assignments you have access to will change as well. However, that also means you can choose the assignments that suit your preferences the best.

For example, the Liquid Agents job board provides access to assignments that last anywhere from a month to 16 weeks. Some can be even longer. 

Plus, in most cases, there’s the option of extending an assignment beyond its initial length defined in the contract (if all goes well, of course!).

This gives you a lot of personal and professional flexibility. In fact, Liquid Agents Healthcare even provides temporary housing for pets if you’re travel nursing with a furry friend. 

Cons of travel nursing with Liquid Agents Healthcare

Once you start researching Liquid Agents Healthcare online, you may find reports of recruiters doing shoddy work and not maintaining consistent communication. However, all of these reports seem to be outdated.

These negative reviews usually date back 15 years or more, when the agency was still in its infancy. 

Most of the current reports and reviews of the agency are positive, and nurses name plenty of recruiters from Liquid Agents that they’re extremely satisfied with.

So, the situation seems to have improved drastically over time.


Liquid Agents Healthcare may be a good fit if you’re looking for a transparent travel nursing agency with plenty of opportunities and a well-designed app.

While you might find some negative reviews, most of them are outdated and the agency has a good track record for making improvements to make life better for its nurses.

Ready to start your travel nursing adventure? Then start traveling today!

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