LRS Healthcare Travel Nursing Agency Review 2023

LRS Healthcare is a well-respected and one of the top tier travel nursing agencies that’s been around for quite a few years now.

As areas of the United States continue to deal with nursing staff shortages, companies like LRS have never been more important than they are today. After all, travel nurses are critical to our healthcare infrastructure.

Luckily, companies like LRS Healthcare really value meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the nurses it works with, and they have the reviews to prove it!

In this post, you’ll learn all about LRS Healthcare and see if travel nursing with them may be a good fit for you.

Why Choose Travel Nursing with LRS Healthcare?

LRS Healthcare has been working with travel nurses for the last decade and a half. In that time, they’ve become adept at quickly connecting travel nurses with the positions that suit them the most.

They have a team of highly specialized recruiters that help each nurse find the exact travel healthcare job that they want.

The nurses mostly attest to this themselves. Although some reviews have mentioned subpar recruiters, most of the issues nurses have had with LRS healthcare were straightened out right away.

A large majority of recruiters are constantly there for the nurses placed under their care and supervision, and plenty of nurses note that their LRS recruiters are prepared to be there for them, day in and day out. This is true even on the weekends! 

All of this goes to show that LRS healthcare has made good on their initial promise: they want to build relationships with travel nurses and other employees that last years, rather than months or weeks. 

4 Pros of Travel Nursing with LRS Healthcare

As you might assume from such a well-rated agency, there are plenty of benefits to working with them.

Many nurses have claimed that LRS helped them experience new places, take their careers to the next level, and earn a nice nursing salary in the process.

Here are some of the reasons you’d probably have a good time working with LRS Healthcare.

1. Professional Demeanor

Judging from the number of open assignments on their website, LRS Healthcare definitely has no problems in connecting travel nurses with a wide range of facilities all across the country.

Plus, they’re a full-service staffing agency. That means they can handle every aspect of your assignment, from the itinerary to travel and housing expenses. 

The recruiters from LRS clearly put in the extra mile. They want to be with their travel nurses throughout their entire journey. This is important because so many travel nurse agencies care solely about the placement and not much else.

You often hear horror stories about recruiters just putting a “warm body” in a client facility, without much regard for the nurses’ needs or their skillset. From what we can tell from all the experiences of other travel nurses, that’s definitely not the case with LRS Healthcare. 

They’re capable of fostering great relationships with most of their employees, which speaks volumes about the quality of each individual staffer at their agency.

Many of the 13-week programs they find for their nurses turn into more permanent positions, so they’re clearly very good at matching nurses with the right facilities. 

2. Easy Travel Experience

One of the main reasons for working with any travel nursing agency is that you want their help in taking care of the logistics.

LRS Healthcare understands all of that, and they’ve made their nurses’ success and satisfaction a clear priority. With that in mind, they do everything in their power to make the entire travel experience as streamlined as possible. This allows nurses to do what they do best: care for their patients. 

Before you even join LRS Healthcare, you’re asked to fill out a quick questionnaire. It details all of your:

  • Skills
  • Professional qualities
  • Certifications

Additionally, when you talk to your recruiter, they’ll also ask you about your desired destinations and career goals. 

Once the recruiter learns that, they start guiding you toward your first assignment, and then onto the next. Most importantly, each one of their recommendations is based on your specific wants and needs. 

3. Responsiveness

Quite a few travel nurses have commended LRS Healthcare on their extreme responsiveness. That is, once you’ve submitted your online application, someone from LRS gets in touch with you almost straight away. 

This kind of treatment continues throughout your time with LRS. They’re keen on collecting all of the necessary details before your first assignment, and their recruiters follow up with you all the time. 

Apart from the recruiter, travel nurses with LRS also have access to the agency’s traveler experience and operations teams. They work on all the details to ensure the nurses have the best possible experience on their assignments.

There’s someone that nurses can contact 24/7, which is particularly important when something needs to be handled urgently. 

4. Referral Bonus

There are plenty of tangible benefits and stipends handed out by LRS Healthcare.

For example, you can refer a fellow nurse to LRS and get a $500 bonus for the referral if they complete six weeks on an assignment with the agency. 

Downsides of Travel Nursing with LRS Healthcare

As you might have concluded from Googling the agency, there aren’t many problems nurses encounter while travel nursing with LRS Healthcare.

That being said, as with any other agency, the quality of their services in every individual case largely depends on the specific recruiter.

While LRS does a great job filling their ranks with some truly amazing folks, there are still a couple of recruiters that some people have complained about.


Overall, LRS Healthcare is a well-respected travel nursing agency that truly values the relationships it has with its nurses.

While not every recruiter can be perfect 100% of the time, LRS is always sure take care of any problems urgently. Best of all, this company puts in the effort to make sure you have the best travel nursing experience possible.

If you’re ready to begin your travel nursing journey, then start traveling today!

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