Medical Edge Recruitment Travel Nursing Agency Review 2023

Medical Edge Recruitment is a travel nursing agency that is a certified Minority Women-Owned Business. They help connect travel nurses with their dream jobs, allowing them to pick where and when they want to work at all times.

Seeing as chronic staff shortages have plagued the healthcare industry in recent years, the demand for travel nursing staff is as high as it’s ever been. This is why plenty of travel nursing agencies have popped up in the last two decades, acting the facilitators between nurses and healthcare facilities. 

In this post, you’ll learn all about Medical Edge Recruitment and see if it may be the right travel nursing agency for you!

Why Choose Travel Nursing with Medical Edge Recruitment?

As a healthcare recruitment agency, Medical Edge Recruitment aims to provide nurses with diverse, valuable work experience.

Each facility you work in provides you with:

  • New skills
  • Exposure to different systems
  • Priceless experience with all kinds of equipment and procedures

If you want to become familiar with different sectors in the healthcare industry, Medical Edge Recruitment can provide the wealth of opportunities you need. 

Not Just For Nurses

This isn’t a recruitment agency that solely caters to traveling nurses. It’s actually an international recruitment firm for technical and functional talent in the medical industry.

According to the company spokespeople, they’re dedicated to understanding the industries, business strategies, and cultures of their clients. Then, the agency connects them with healthcare professionals who are the best fit for them. 

They work with everyone from Fortune 500 businesses to small emerging startups. Candidates from Medical Edge Recruitment are employed in:

  • Hospital systems
  • Physician groups
  • Employer groups
  • Commercial insurers
  • Clinics

Luckily, they’ve got a wide range of benefits for travel nurses who sign up with them.

6 Pros of Travel Nursing with Medical Edge Recruitment

At Medical Edge Recruitment, travel nurses are the heart and soul of the agency. Their recruiters have a simple rule: they focus on the nurses, so the nurses can focus on patient care.

Read on to learn about the benefits of working with this travel nursing agency.

1. Direct Payments

All Medical Edge Recruitment travel nurses receive their payment on time and on a weekly basis via direct deposits.

In most cases, travel nurses earn more than their regular staff counterparts, and that’s something Medical Edge Recruitment is quick to point out in all of their promotional material.

2. Insurance Plan and 401k

Medical Edge Recruitment provides a comprehensive health plan to their travel staff, including:

  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Vision
  • Similar ancillary benefits

There’s also a 401(k) plan designed to provide you with retirement savings once you decide to settle down after a life of travel journeys. 

3. Decent Referral Bonuses

Medical Edge Recruitment is always on the lookout for new talented nursing staff. This is why they provide referral bonuses to nurses who recommend their friends and peers.

Once the referred nurses complete 40 hours on their first assignments, you’ll earn a bonus that depends on what kind of professional you recommended. For example:

  • RN recommendation nets you a $500 bonus
  • CNA recommendation gets you $100
  • LVN or LPN recommendation earns you $250 

4. Housing Stipends

Not only does Medical Edge Recruitment provide travel stipends to and from your assignments, but you also get extensive help with housing.

The agency offers a variety of travel and housing solutions to its nurses. In fact, there’s an entire team whose sole job is to locate and secure great housing solutions, as well as deal with any other logistical support you might need on your way to the assignment! 

For instance, Medical Edge Recruitment has a corporate discount with several major hotel chains and an extensive housing network.

Their team appreciates how difficult moving away can be, even temporarily. They want to relieve you of any undue stress in the process. Best of all, they’re able to cater to all kinds of specific needs, from RV living to traveling with pets. 

5. Excellent Compliance and Licensing Support

One of the best parts about Medical Edge Recruitment is its excellent communication and customer service. 

For instance, they’re always ready to help out nurses that have a hard time navigating the different licensing requirements in various states. Their dedicated and efficient compliance team is always prepared to walk nurses through the process of becoming eligible to work in each state. 

It’s not just about state licenses either. Most client facilities have their own comprehensive credentialing process that you’ll need to complete before you can start working there. 

Luckily, the team behind Medical Edge Recruitment is always ready to help and respond.

6. Constant Support

Beyond housing, travel, and credentialing, it’s important to know that your recruiting agency always has your back. That’s why Medical Edge provides a 24/7 quick response service that helps nurses with their requests or conflict resolution. 

When it comes to the recruiters themselves, Medical Edge only hires communicative, honest, and transparent specialists. Many recruitment agencies out there are prepared to hire just about anyone for the role, which inevitably ends in disaster. 

However, Medical Edge Recruitment has an extensive selection process for recruiters, ensuring all of them have sufficient people skills for handling travel nurses and their individual needs.

That’s why Medical Edge recruiters never pressure travel nurses into contracts and assignments that they’re not comfortable with or those that don’t align with nurses’ career goals.

Finally, they always provide nurses with detailed assignment information, like:

  • Length
  • Pay
  • Shift
  • Location 

Cons of Travel Nursing with Medical Edge Recruitment

There aren’t that many downsides to Medical Edge Recruitment.

Their only issue is the same one that many other recruitment agencies have: even if the agency is perfect in all other aspects, your specific experience with them will heavily depend on the quality of your recruiter.

If you happen to encounter a subpar or disinterested recruiter who isn’t particularly agile about addressing your needs and complaints, your entire experience with an agency might be tarnished.

That being said, it seems that Medical Edge Recruitment does a fine job of weeding out suboptimal recruiters, leaving their nurses in the hands of only the very best. 


Overall, Medical Edge Recruitment is a great choice if you’re looking for a travel nursing agency that places nurses needs and interests at the center of their operations.

While your experience will vary based on your recruiter, this agency appears to provide lots of support to their nurses so they can focus on what’s most important: caring for patients.

If you’re ready to start you’re travel nursing journey, then find a placement today!

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