NuWest Travel Nursing Agency Review 2023

Located just outside of Seattle, NuWest travel nursing agency has been serving clients for over 25 years.

They peg themselves as a boutique agency, but they were on the forefront of servicing staffing shortages in hospitals during the COVID-19 outbreak.

They were also instrumental in sending travel nurses to Montana, Guam, Florida, and other hot spots that needed assistance.

NuWest Healthcare is led by CEO Mona Veiseh and has a terrific leadership team. The team has focused on rapid but sustainable deployment of healthcare resources, earning them a solid reputation in the healthcare industry.

This is especially true in the travel nursing space. NuWest prides itself on working with travel nurses to ensure each assignment is what you expect, want, and need.

They offer all of the solid perks out there, including bonuses and housing. However, the real value lies in the clear communication and relationship between travel nurses and recruiters. 

Why Choose Travel Nursing With NuWest?

The overwhelming response from nurses who’ve had travel nursing assignments with NuWest have been positive.

The big thing that differentiates NuWest travel nursing agency from other agencies is the speed in which they can get you on an assignment. 

NuWest Travel Nursing Agency Reviews

Reema Muhammed, who completed an assignment with NuWest, had this to say:

“NuWest is extremely easy, and fast to work with. They contacted me about an assignment and I received a contract that day! “

-Reema Muhammed

Other RN’s who completed travel nursing assignments with NuWest were overall positive about their experience as well.

“This is definitely a company you want to be on board with. They offer great pay and there is no run-around that you may get at other agencies. I really enjoyed my assignment with NuWest”

-Jackie Crowe

“I would 10 out of 10 recommend NuWest travel nursing. I had a great assignment and the communication was as good as it gets” 

-Alicia Chretien 

“From the start of the sign up process, my recruiter Jack has been there to answer any questions I have. The professionalism and respect from NuWest is unparalleled compared to other travel agencies I’ve worked with prior. I’m about to start my new assignment and am still treated with the same level of helpfulness and respect I’ve been given since day one! You guys might have a lifer here!” 

-Thomas Roy

Pros and Cons of NuWest Travel Nursing Agency

Every travel nursing agency will have its benefits and drawbacks, and NuWest is no different.

Here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of travel nursing with NuWest.

Benefits of Working With NuWest

  • 401k offered
  • Reimbursements for relocation, licensing and compliance
  • Small personal feel 
  • Competitive pay
  • Fast turnaround time, deploying nurses within 72 hours

Drawbacks of Working With NuWest

  • Smaller list of available locations (FL, MT and CA)
  • Smaller list of available jobs than other larger agencies 
  • NuWest may not be a fit if you’re not ready to work immediately 

While NuWest has a lot going in it’s favor for an agency, there are some drawbacks any nurse considering taking an assignment should be aware of.

For exmaple, they have limited location availability. While they are working on further locations, as of now they’re focused on Florida, Montana and California.

If you’re looking for any other location, then NuWest may not be the best fit.

Also, NuWest travel nursing agency is a rapid deployment agency. This means if you’re not ready to go in the next 48 to 72 hours, then you may want to look elsewhere. 

How To Become A Travel Nurse With NuWest

In order to travel with NuWest you will need to have a few things lined up and ready to go.

Below is a list of what you need in order to start your travel nursing journey:

  • Active Nursing license (RN)
  • Updated Resume
  • A valid drivers license 
  • Up to date immunization record 
  • Ready for your assignment within 72 hours


It’s easy to see why so many nurses are choosing to travel with NuWest.

They have incredible reviews, competitive pay, and a reputation for recruiters who go above and beyond to communicate about assignments.

While they are a bit restricted on the locations they offer, who wouldn’t want to spend time in beautiful Montana, sunny Florida or laid back California?

If you’re ready to start your travel nursing journey, then start traveling today!

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