Prime Time Healthcare Travel Nursing Agency Review 2023

The mission of Prime Time Healthcare travel nursing agency is to provide healthcare employees with an agency that prioritizes nurses’ goals and needs.

That’s why the company has an all-around staffing solution for:

Prime Time Healthcare has more than 15 years of experience in recruiting all kinds of healthcare professionals. This is why they excel at both employee retention and customer service.

If there’s one thing travel nurses at Prime Time Healthcare can be sure of, it’s that they won’t just be another number to call when a facility needs a position filled. 

Why Choose Travel Nursing with Prime Time Healthcare?

Prime Time Healthcare travel nursing agency caters to nurses’ long-term needs and helps them achieve their nursing career goals.

Luckily, the agency is now large enough and has an expansive network to ensure the job security of their staff. However, they’re still small enough to pay attention to every single nurse who signs on with them. 

Work with a Premium-level Agency

Essentially, Prime Time Healthcare wants to gather the highest-quality healthcare providers and connect them with the facilities and patients that need them the most.

This means Prime Time Healthcare travel nursing agency only works with the most elite healthcare professionals.

Unlike some agencies that claim to be premium-level but fall short in practice, Prime Time Healthcare proves its mettle with:

  • Expansive compensation packages
  • Prestigious client facilities
  • Unique benefits
  • Recruiter dedication to nurses

Pros of Prime Time Healthcare Travel Nursing Agency

There are several benefits to working with Prime Time Healthcare travel nursing agency. They include:

  • Referrals
  • Excellent Pay
  • Great client facilities
  • Paid travel
  • Excellent range of benefits

5 Advantages of Travel Nursing with Prime Time Healthcare

Let’s first look at the benefits of working with Prime Time Healthcare.

We’ll talk about 5 of them here.

1. Referrals

If you’re a Prime Time Healthcare travel nurse that wants to make some additional money and you have a lot of professional connections, you can always recommend another professional to the agency.

When they come to work for Prime Time Healthcare and complete 13 weeks on assignment, you’ll earn a $500 bonus!

Plus, unlike many other travel nursing agencies, referrals are limitless. This means you can start referring your best friends and colleagues today.

2. Excellent Pay

While adventure and travel are essential parts of the travel nursing lifestyle, none of it is worth it or feasible if the pay isn’t decent.

Luckily, Prime Time Healthcare more than follows through in that regard. In fact, most of their nurses earn above-average pay compared to ordinary nurses. You’ll even receive a couple of great secondary perks.

While this isn’t the only thing you should consider when choosing whether to apply for a job, it’s certainly a vital deciding factor. You’ll be happy to know that Prime Time Healthcare doesn’t skimp out when it comes to its rates. 

3. Great Client Facilities

Another crucial factor for any travel nurse is the quality of facilities they have access to through their travel nursing agency.

In this regard, Prime Time Healthcare is an excellent choice. This is because they offer an immensely varied experience.

If you want to learn what it’s like to work for some of the most prestigious urban healthcare facilities in the country, you’ll have access to those locations.

However, if you want to know what the nursing infrastructure is like in smaller, rural areas, they’ll be able to find postings for you just as easily.

Wherever there’s a critical staffing shortage, Prime Time Healthcare connects nurses and top-notch facilities of all kinds.

This is a great opportunity for travel nurses. They get the chance to work in all types of departments and with all nursing specialties.

If you want to obtain further skills and experience, Prime Time Healthcare is a sound choice. 

4. Paid Travel

The whole point of travel nursing is to get expert nurses to short-staffed facilities that urgently need them. Prime Time Healthcare realizes that constantly changing assignments can be a huge hassle for nurses.

Sure, the opportunity to travel across the country and live in many places is fun and intriguing. However, Prime Time Healthcare knows that the industry standard is paying for their nurses’ travel expenses and living arrangements.

That’s why they provide agency housing. They also provide housing stipends in case nurses want to deal with their own living arrangements. 

5. Excellent Range of Benefits

Apart from competitive pay and practical housing solutions, Prime Time Healthcare also gives all the standard benefits to their travel nursing staff. This includes:

  • Healthcare
  • 401(k) matching
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Life insurance

There are different coverage levels for all of these which nurses can pick from, including family coverage for spouses and kids. 


Prime Time Healthcare is a fantastic option for nurses just starting their traveling journey. It’s also a great fit for industry veterans looking for a new travel nursing agency.

The pay, referral bonuses, and plentiful assignment options make Prime Time Healthcare a top pick. 

Ready to begin travel nursing? Then start the process today!

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