SnapNurse Travel Nursing Agency Review 2023

The founder of SnapNurse is a veteran in the healthcare industry. When she started the company, she realized just how much room for improvement there was, especially when it came to travel nursing agencies and the industry’s hiring and credentialing process in general.

In the travel nursing field, SnapNurse is a relatively new addition. The company was founded in 2017 in a bid to help the country’s nursing shortage.

In the subsequent half-decade, the company has managed to do just that. SnapNurse’s revolutionary staffing technology has become a true game-changer when it comes to filling short-term vacancies.

In this post, you’ll all you need to know about SnapNurse and see if travel nursing through their platform may be a good fit for you.

What Is SnapNurse?

Traditionally, nurse staffing agencies need an average of two weeks to find the right fit for a facility. However, SnapNurse has reduced that timeline to an astonishing 48 hours (and sometimes less)!

It’s no wonder the company has grown immensely from its humble beginnings. While this quick staffing obviously has a lot to offer to facilities, the SnapNurse system brings just as much to the table for the travel nurses themselves. 

As a travel nurse, you don’t have to worry about finding an assignment the same way you would with most other traditional staffing agencies.

That’s because SnapNurse quickly fills vacancies across the US and constantly finds assignments for thousands of nurses and other medical professionals. Today, this agency works with certified:

  • RNs
  • EMTs
  • LPNs
  • Pharmacists
  • CNAs
  • Respiratory therapists

The above are just a few of the types of healthcare professionals the company staffs. However, the list does go on!

3 Pros of Travel Nursing With SnapNurse

SnapNurse has a world-class sourcing platform, an ever-growing talent pool, and great insta-pay technology for nurses.

If you’re thinking about giving them a try, we’ll list out some of the pros and cons you should keep in mind. 

1. Great Proprietary System

As you might have gathered from our description above, SnapNurse isn’t your classic travel nursing agency.

Instead, it’s more of a technology platform dedicated to connecting top-notch medical facilities with reputable healthcare professionals. Crucially for travel nurses, the platform largely eliminates the hassles of signing up for job boards and all the associated paperwork.

The company has its own proprietary technology called “Instastaff”. This system handles:

  • Applicant tracking
  • Sourcing
  • Workforce management
  • Booking
  • Timecard approvals
  • Credentialing

Plus, SnapNurse’s proprietary payment system helps workers receive payments at the end of each shift every single day!

If you’re worried about the “tech” part of the equation, there’s no need to be. The entire platform was designed to be extremely user-friendly, even for people who aren’t too tech-savvy. 

2. Flexibility

Most of the nurses that have worked with SnapNurse agree that flexibility is at the core of everything the platform provides to its nurses.

You can easily pick up long-term or short-term assignments whenever and wherever you want, whether it be 2 weeks or 6-months. You can always find an assignment and location that suits your lifestyle.

Also, SnapNurse provides ample growth opportunities and networking opportunities across thousands of facilities.

Many of their nurses love the fact that they never worry about getting their next assignment. This is because the platform fills over 25,000 vacant shifts at countless healthcare facilities. 

3. Easy Onboarding

One of the biggest hassles most nurses go through when switching to a new agency is the onboarding process. It can take weeks, and it can be quite exhausting, tiring you out before you’ve even received your first assignment.

Luckily, the folks behind SnapNurse were well aware of this. That’s why their sign-up process is quick and effortless. You can also finish all of your credentialing online, allowing you to find an assignment and begin working in just a day or two. 

Also, you’ve got two options when it comes to finding work via SnapNurse. You can either browse their platform yourself, or you can receive all the available shifts that fit your specific preferences through their notification system.

As we’ve mentioned, the advance-payment system means you can count on payments on the very same day you end your shift. You won’t have to communicate with anyone to get your payments, and you don’t have to check your recruiter’s invoices. It’s all automated! 

The Downsides of Travel Nursing With SnapNurse

Naturally, no platform is perfect, especially when it’s a brand new tech platform trying to revolutionize an existing industry.

With that in mind, there have been certain issues with SnapNurse. However, we should note that most of these date back to over two years ago, and those kinks have mostly been ironed out in the meantime.

The majority of these issues have to do with the payment system for reimbursements and wages. When it works fine, it’s awesome!

However, when it malfunctions, getting ahold of SnapNurse staff to remedy the issue has been tough for some nurses in the past. There have been instances where nurses claim that SnapNurse support failed to return their calls or give them the proper compensation. 

Their representatives also failed to connect nurses to upper management in numerous instances. Thankfully, however, the support system has seemingly improved in the meantime, judging from the lack of more recent complaints. 


If you’re looking to try a new tech platform that might be the future of travel nursing, SnapNurse is definitely one of the best options out there.

A couple of similar platforms have sprung up recently as well, and they’re all competing to become the top tech solution for travel nursing.

That being said, the “future” is the operative word here. While hundreds of thousands of medical professionals are using the platform today, there are still some fixes to make and bugs to deal with.

So, make sure you’re prepared for a tiny bit of frustration now and then, even though the pros heavily outweigh the cons on this one. 

For most travel nurses, SnapNurse is a fine choice, and the company’s future prospects are looking just as good. 

If you’re ready to start your travel nursing journey, then start traveling today!

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