TotalMed Staffing Travel Nursing Agency Review 2023

TotalMed Staffing travel nursing agency is one of the biggest staffing agencies in US healthcare.

The organization successfully staffs therapists, pharmacists, and various clinicians with different specialties. Of course, this includes travel nurses!

Better yet, they do this all across every US state.

TotalMed Staffing provides nurses with both travel and local jobs. They also match individual caregivers with the best possible organizations. This benefits:

  • Patients
  • Nurses
  • Facilities

In this post, you’ll learn about the pros and cons and see if TotalMed Staffing might be the right travel nurse agency for you.

Why Choose Travel Nursing with TotalMed Staffing?

The main focus of the TotalMed Staffing travel nursing agency is connecting highly-skilled nursing staff with facilities that require urgent staffing. This sets facilities up for a superb patient experience.

By matching these organizations with the right travel nurses and other caregivers, TotalMed Staffing has proven itself essential to the healthcare system.

This is especially true in 2022, while a huge number of facilities still find themselves short-staffed due to the pandemic. 

Pros and Cons of TotalMed Staffing Travel Nursing Agency

There are quite a few benefits to working with the TotalMed Staffing travel nursing agency. Some of these include:

  • Day 1 benefits
  • Flexible housing options
  • Wellness and fitness options
  • Excellent job board
  • Guaranteed hours
  • Assistance from recruiters
  • Referral bonus
  • Medical benefits
  • 401k plan for retirement

Of course, every agency will have its drawbacks. The main one we saw for TotalMed Staffing was that onboarding can take sometimes take a while.

6 Benefits of Travel Nursing with TotalMed Staffing

Let’s first look at the advantages of working with TotalMed Staffing.

We discuss 6 here.

1. Day One Benefits

When it comes to travel nursing, many agencies try to skimp out on nurse benefits. However, that’s not an issue with TotalMed Staffing.

From day one, all nurses have 401k, healthcare, and accrued sick pay. All of this is quite important, considering how unpredictable the life of a travel nurse can be.

Knowing that you have all the necessary benefits from the moment you start working on your first assignment is always a plus.

2. Selection of Assignments

As you’ll see from the first moment you visit the TotalMed Staffing online job board, one of the biggest advantages they provide is an abundance of assignments.

This is largely thanks to the size of TotalMed Staffing’s network.

Finding your next assignment is always easy. Travel nurses can even choose between locations more freely than they can with smaller agencies. 

3. Assistance From Recruiters

As most nurses can attest to, credentialing and certifications can be quite a difficult task. This is especially true when you’ve got your daily job responsibilities to handle.

When coupled with the staggered timelines of renewals and requirements, all of the paperwork can seem quite excessive and unmanageable.

If any of it falls through the cracks, you’ll have to do a lot of extra work within tight deadlines.

Luckily, TotalMed Staffing provides credentialing assistance that any travel nurse will find invaluable.

The agency does everything in their power to handle as much of the bureaucratic load for you. This ensures you’ve got everything you need when you walk into your next assignment.

Also, most of the agency’s recruiters seem to be doing a great job when it comes to following up with their nurses’ needs and resolving their issues in a timely manner. 

4. Professional Support

TotalMed Staffing encourages all of their nurses to progress in their careers and further their education.

Luckily, this travel nurse agency is also ready to put their money where their mouth is by providing continuing education options to their nurses free of charge.

There are also clinical ladder programs ensuring all of the nurses signed with them progress.

There are even tuition assistance options and loan repayment aids. This helps nurses overcome some of the most common roadblocks to their career progression. 

5. Excellent Job Board

The management at TotalMed Staffing has clearly realized the importance of technology. Their website and online job board is one of the best in the entire industry.

In fact, their use of technology while matching nurses to their next tasks is arguably one of their main selling points.

The job board allows nurses to perform advanced searches based on all kinds of factors. This allows them to quickly select the most fitting assignment according to their personal specifications. 

6. A Variety of Housing Options

When it comes to housing, TotalMed Staffing is quite flexible.

They’re more than willing to pay for housing in the form of fully-paid agency housing. This quickly gives nurses access to comfortable, clean housing without much fuss or hassle.

There’s no leg work required on any of the assignments. You can just walk into a completely furnished home that you’ll use for as long as the assignment lasts.

On the other hand, you can also find housing yourself. In this case, TotalMed Staffing will give you a hefty housing stipend for your trouble. 

Disadvantage of Travel Nursing with TotalMed Staffing

Despite all the advantages of TotalMed Staffing listed above, there is one potential drawback.

Onboarding Can Vary

Some nurses have reported that after completing the first required paperwork and making contact, they had to wait a couple of months for the process of onboarding with TotalMed Staffing to continue.

In the meantime, there was no follow up, nor any offers.

However, it’s important to point out that this seems to be an anomaly rather than a rule.

By and large, most nurses that have worked with TotalMed Staffing seem to report an efficient and pleasant experience.


The TotalMed Staffing travel nursing agency is an excellent choice for anyone looking to take the leap into or continue their career in travel nursing.

The day one benefits, professional support, and online job board are sure to help you feel secure while furthering your career.

Ready to become a travel nurse or advance your career? Then start traveling today!

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