Travel Nursing In Baltimore, Maryland: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

Travel Nursing in Baltimore
Travel nursing in Baltimore, Maryland may be a good choice if you want to work in a port city with a rich maritime history. Learn more here!

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Travel nursing in Baltimore, Maryland may be a good choice if you want to work in a port city with a rich maritime history.

The city is home to one of America’s top-rated hospitals, and it is need of travel nurses like you to help staff its healthcare system.

Thinking travel nursing in Baltimore may be right for you? Read on to find out!

Why Choose Travel Nursing In Baltimore, Maryland?

I can remember a time when I would cheer on baseball’s iron man Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles. While Cal Ripken Jr. may not play anymore, fans of baseball will certainly want to pay a visit to Camden Yards.

Baltimore is best known for its maritime history. With a vibrant port, the city has one of the greatest collections of ships and artifacts at the Historic Ships in Baltimore Museum.

There is one other little thing that the city is known for that may be of interest to you as a travel nurse: Johns Hopkins Hospital. More on that later.

What Can Travel Nurses Do In Baltimore?

There are several ways to stay fit and enjoy your time in Baltimore.

The city sports a lot of gyms and spas that you can join. In addition, you can find many different scenic running paths and trails sprinkled throughout the city.

There are also lots of golf courses where you can get in a quick nine or play a full 18 holes. You may also want to check out several water sports you can take part in.

What Is Nightlife Like Baltimore?

Most major cities throughout the country have a vibrant nightlife with many different bars and night clubs.

Baltimore is no different, and there are several that occupy the landscape.

There are also several concert halls, giving you the opportunity to hear the different sounds that make up the Baltimore music scene.

How Can Travel Nurses Get Around Baltimore?

The Maryland Department of Transportation runs the Maryland Transit Administration which provides transit to the city.

The transit administration has several avenues through which they provide transportation. They include:

  • Standard buses
  • Light rail
  • The subway
  • The MARC train

This gives the population a way to get around the city and stay mobile. Fares are reasonable compared to other locations throughout the country. You can find them here.

Top Hospitals For Travel Nursing In Baltimore

Johns Hopkins Hospital. Enough said.

It is a world-renowned hospital that many nurses are clamoring to get into.

There are also several other high-quality hospitals in the area, including:

  • University of Maryland Medical Center
  • Greater Baltimore Medical Center
  • Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

Just because you don’t get into Johns Hopkins doesn’t mean you can’t have just as successful of a medical career as at any of the other locations.

Travel nursing in Baltimore: Johns Hopkins

Is Baltimore Affordable For Travel Nurses?

The average rent in Baltimore is over $1,400. At first glace, the city’s cost of living looks favorable.

The cost of a house is over 50 index points lower than the national average at just over $175,000. Groceries and healthcare are also well below the national average.

The only place that Baltimore fails to beat the national cost of living index is in utilities and transportation. These higher costs may just be an offset from the housing costs being so much lower than the national average.


Baltimore’s greatest asset is Johns Hopkins Hospital. Many people may not have even heard of Baltimore had it not been for this world-renowned hospital.

With that said, its important to realize that if you do not get a job there, it’s not the end of the world.

Your time may or may not come, but you have the opportunity to impact lives. After all, that’s why you became a travel nurse to begin with.

Think travel nursing in Baltimore may be right for you? Then start traveling today!

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