Triage Staffing Travel Nursing Agency Review 2023

Triage Staffing travel nursing agency was founded in 2006. Since then, the company has been regularly recognized for its excellence.

It’s hard to find a bad review of this agency, and everyone seems to have only positive things to say. For example, people mention:

  • The company is amazing
  • They care about their staff
  • The recruiters are top-notch

Triage Staffing’s message of being “real and ready” is seen throughout their online presence. They’re based in Omaha, Nebraska, and have facility partners in all 50 states.

While they don’t claim to have the largest selection of assignments available, Triage Staffing seems to have no problem finding travel nurses what they’re looking for.

They’ve made it a point to be readily available online to anyone. This includes both their social media and website.

With Triage Staffing, the bottom line seems to be a fresh, fun, and no-nonsense approach to providing healthcare staff with travel assignments and healthcare facilities with qualified and eager workers.

Why Choose Travel Nursing with Triage Staffing?

From the first inquiry into travel nursing opportunities to completing assignments, Triage Staffing cares about giving travel nurses the experience they’re looking for with no wasted time or energy.

As with most travel nursing agencies, Triage Staffing has assignments averaging 13 weeks, with some more and some less.

Nurses have simple options from the start to make the whole assignment easier.

Triage Staffing Travel Nursing Housing And Benefits

Travel nurses can choose to use Triage Staffing’s help finding housing, or they can take the maximum offered stipend and do the legwork on their own.

Nurses can choose healthcare coverage that fits their needs, including vision and dental. Coverage starts on day one of each assignment.

Triage Staffing also offers other standard benefit options like:

Pay is weekly, and the company makes a point to clarify all payment and benefit details so there are no paycheck surprises.

All in all, Triage Staffing makes finding, completing, and enjoying travel nursing assignments simple.

What Makes Triage Staffing Different?

Common complaints found with other travel nursing agencies, such as lack of communication or poor preparation for assignments, are unheard of with Triage Staffing.

From the multitude of glowing reviews found online, nurses seem to be thrilled with their recruiters and feel like the company does their best to accommodate staff.

Staying in line with their simple message of being “real and ready”, Triage Staffing proves they understand that providing a great travel nursing experience doesn’t have to be complicated.

Clear and friendly communication from the start is what charms many of their nurses into coming back after their first assignments.

Triage Staffing Travel Nursing Agency Reviews

Loyal nurses are happy to leave reviews like these all over Triage Staffing’s online pages:

“I have had a great experience with this company. They really work with their travelers to make sure everything is smooth when you are starting a travel contract. They are quick to respond, and incredibly helpful at any point in your travel assignment. I look forward to working more travel stints with them in the future.”

Cameron Lee, Google review

“As a first-time traveler, Triage has been a good company to work for. They are very accommodating and resourceful. My recruiter, Jack Douglas, has been so helpful in answering all my questions, checking in with my assignment, and making sure things are running smoothly. I highly recommend this company for any traveler!”

Kelli Hermanson, Facebook review

“Absolutely love this company. Full of energy, passion, and people who love what they do. I never have to remind or check on things because ask once and its done. I know I’m in great hands with Triage.”

Current employee, Indeed review

Reviews like these are a dime a dozen with Triage Staffing, and the company clearly understands that a happy staff means better healthcare.

They’ve made a big name for themselves in the travel nursing world by simply listening to nurses, making the process easy, and having a good time.

Pros And Cons of Triage Staffing Travel Nursing Agency

There are quite a few upsides to travel nursing with Triage Staffing. Some of these inlclude:

  • Transparency and communication
  • Numerous awards and rankings
  • Value on long-term relationships with travel nurses
  • On-staff clinical liaisons and mentors

As with any travel nursing agency, there are also a few drawbacks to be aware of. For example:

  • Fun vibe may not be for everyone
  • Need two years of nursing experience

Advantage of Travel Nursing with Triage Staffing

Transparency and Communication

Triage Staffing has figured out how to communicate effectively with both prospective and current travel nurses.

Employees have endlessly positive things to say about Triage Staffing’s recruiters. For example, many travel nurses mention that recruiters continue to check in regularly once the assignment has started.

Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned travel nurse, nobody wants to start an assignment only to feel abandoned by the people who got them there.

Luckily, Triage Staffing recruiters go the extra mile to clearly explain the details and expectations of each assignment. This ensures there are no surprises down the road.

When and if something comes up, Triage Staffing is available to help around the clock. The company makes sure that the right people can always be reached by whoever needs them.

A full list of their in-house staff, from recruiters to the CFO, is right there on their website. It’s complete with their emails, phone numbers, and photos. That type of access is practically unheard of in healthcare!

Disadvantages of Travel Nursing with Triage Staffing

Fun Vibe Isn’t For Everyone

Although many people love the casual and humorous attitude that Triage Staffing displays on their website and elsewhere, some may find it unappealing.

Beer fridges at the main office and witty responses to online reviews are more likely to attract the younger travel nursing crowd.

However, more experienced and mature nurses who still choose travel nursing may not feel the same. After all, that type of attitude is only newly acceptable in the healthcare field.

Making jokes and sarcasm part of a company’s image is a somewhat risky move. However, anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with the casual nature of Triage Staffing’s communication is probably not the best fit for the agency.

That’s okay, as Triage Staffing seems confident in their image. They’re doing a great job of building a stellar reputation.

Two Years of Experience Is Required

This drawback isn’t necessarily a roadblock. It may just be a minor inconvenience for some travel nurses interested in working for Triage Staffing.

Many agencies require only a year, but Triage Staffing requires a minimum of two for all assignments.

Experience is invaluable in all fields. However, the nature of travel nursing is certainly more compatible with nurses who have some years behind them.

Two years is still relatively new by nursing standards, and Triage Staffing offers plenty of help and guidance to all their nurses. Even with this requirement, they’re not exclusive by any means.

They encourage newer nurses to get in touch regardless of experience. They are also happy to build relationships prior to nurses’ actual eligibility for placement.


Triage Staffing travel nursing agency is a modern healthcare staffing agency valuing transparency and relationships with staff.

They’ve done a great job of building a community and becoming a beloved company among travel nurses. This is largely due to their simple values.

Triage Staffing cares about their staff and knows how to simplify travel nursing. They also give nurses everything they need to have positive experiences.

Ready to begin your journey as a travel nurse? Then start traveling today!

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