Trustaff Travel Nursing Agency Review 2023

For almost two decades, Trustaff Travel Nursing agency has been a leader in the industry. They’ve cultivated lasting relationships with companies and qualified healthcare professionals.

As a privately-owned agency, Trustaff Travel Nursing works across the country with hospitals and healthcare clinics. They find well-matched and exciting positions for their employees.

Sean Loring, president of Trustaff, dedicated his time to working efficiently while creating growth within the company.

For the last 18+ years, Trustaff has worked hard to become one of the country’s most well-trusted agencies for travel nursing.  

Why Choose Trustaff Travel Nursing Agency?

One quality that makes travel nursing with Trustaff stand out is their helpful staff.

They also have recruiters that work hard to ensure successful employer/nurse onboarding and continued ongoing support.

Anyone who has completed a travel assignment knows how important communication between RN and recruiter can be. 

Trustaff Travel Nursing Reviews

The feedback from Trustaff travel nurses has been enthusiastically positive.

“I had a great experience working here. There are plenty of opportunities. I was supported and had an amazing recruiter. I finished multiple contracts with no issues.” 

Former Employee, October 2021

“This company truly encompasses the ideal travel nurse position. They are courteous and accommodating. Also the pay is top notch amongst their competitors. Excellent opportunity for any nurse to grow, travel, and live the dream.”

Former Employee, April 2018

In addition, current nurses employed at Trustaff Travel Nursing have also responded with positive comments about their experiences.

“Recruiter is willing to put in time and effort to find me a placement that makes me happy. Very good at communicating with nurses. The recruiter checks in often asking questions about how the assignments are going and how I am being treated.”

Current Employee, April 2021

“Great travel nursing agency, the recruiters are great, they respond fast and are always willing to help you out and answer questions. If you are a first time traveling nurse, go with Trustaff!”

Current Employee, December 2021 

Pros and Cons of Trustaff Travel Nursing

Benefits of Working With Trustaff

  • Provides health insurance options including dental, vision, and medical for employees and family
  • 401k offered
  • Start/completion bonuses
  • Flexible schedules and assignments
  • Active support line

Downsides of Working With Trustaff

While Trustaff provides a series of fantastic benefits, please note that nurses who want a consistent and steady schedule might find Trustaff is not the best fit.

There can be varied lengths of breaks between assignments. Although most assignments are 13 weeks, some assignments can only last 8 weeks, and some are only 26 weeks.

If you’re not flexible with the assignment length, you may need to look elsewhere.

Other drawbacks to Trustaff Travel Nursing include:

  • Long breaks between assignments
  • No reliable end time for positions
  • Annual raise is not guaranteed

How To Become A Travel Nurse With Trustaff

Before you can start travel nursing with Trustaff, you’ll need to have a few things in order. This includes:

  • Updated travel nursing resume
  • At least a year of experience directly in your area of specialty
  • One of the following programs: completed Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program, an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Valid RN license in your home state or an LPN/LVN license
  • Valid passport and or government issued ID


Travel nurses can be confident in Trustaff given the generally positive and encouraging feedback from current and former employees.

The agency provides a welcoming atmosphere. They also include benefits such as schedule flexibility and bonuses.

While it may be difficult to maintain a consistent schedule, Trustaff strives to maintain the well-being of their employees. 

Ready to begin your adventure as a travel nurse? Then start traveling today!

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