Vivian Health Travel Nursing Review 2023

While Vivian Health isn’t technically a travel nursing agency, they do help travel nurses find assignments.

The demand for nurses is greater today than ever before. Even before COVID-19, healthcare facilities across the country had been constantly understaffed.

To fill this demand, plenty of travel nurse staffing agencies have sprung up over the past decade, connecting travel nurses with the understaffed facilities. 

However, not every staffing agency is made equal. Choosing the right one can be difficult, especially with all the different options.

So, where does Vivian Health stand among its peer companies? In this post, you’ll see if travel nursing through Vivian Health may be a good fit for you.

Why Choose Travel Nursing With Vivian Health?

As we mentioned earlier, Vivian Health is technically not a travel nursing agency. You don’t sign a contract with them and they don’t give you assignments directly.

However, like Wanderly, Vivian Health makes the process of finding and selecting your travel nurse agency far easier. 

The platform is:

  • Third party
  • Tech powered
  • Online

Their app that lets you browse and select travel nurse staffing agencies and apply to work with them. 

How To Use Vivian Health For Travel Nursing

Vivian Health makes the process of finding travel nursing assignments simple.

To start using the platform, follow these steps:

  1. Make a Vivian Health account and profile
  2. Log into the app
  3. Look for the jobs, locations, and staffing agencies that fit your personal criteria
  4. Send one universal application to various agencies and select the best one 

According to the folks from Vivian Health themselves, their mission is to empower all healthcare professionals in their search for the perfect job opportunity.

They want the process to run more efficiently and easily than ever before. 

Benefits Of Travel Nursing With Vivian Health

You won’t be signing up to work with Vivian Health directly. However, you will be using their platform to find your new staffing agency.

Now, you’re probably wondering: is Vivian Health worth it? After all, plenty of processes get muddled when you include a third party in the mix.

In this case, we’re happy to report that there are plenty of benefits to travel nursing with Vivian Health. They do a great job of streamlining the process of finding your next assignment.

Here are 4 pros of using Vivian Health to find travel nursing assignments.

1. Intuitive Interface

At its core, Vivian Health is a web platform. This means their services are only worthwhile if their platform is usable.

Luckily, Vivian Health has to created an intuitive interface that anyone can use to find a staffing assignment quickly and easily. 

It’s not just for travel nurses either! Nurses use it to find permanent positions in their local healthcare facilities as well.

All it requires is a couple of clicks once you fill in your profile. 

2. One Single Profile

One of the best things about Vivian Health is that you only need to create one profile to apply to hundreds of healthcare employers.

It’s the main draw of the platform. Instead of filling out various forms at different staffing agencies, you only create your Vivian profile once.

After that, all you need to do is apply.

3. Plenty Of Options

There are lots of different options for travel nurses these days. However, all of us still have our preferences.

You may be comfortable with very specific shift details, or you may want to work in a particular location. And, of course, salary is an important factor to consider.

Vivian Health clearly kept these varying preferences in mind as they designed their platform. The interface is super easy-to-use.

It lets you select different filters and preferences, including location, salary, and more. Once you tweak these, the platform will present you with jobs that are relevant to your specific needs. 

4. Convenience

The main selling point of Vivian Health is convenience. From the streamlined interface to the universal profile that saves you hours of menial work, it’s all designed to cater to travel nurses and their busy schedules. 

There are other ways in which Vivian Health does this as well. For instance, the platform lets you message multiple employers at once.

You also don’t have to manage an already cluttered email inbox while searching for work. All of your communication with potential employers will be in one convenient location.

Best of all, you’ll never be underpaid!

Vivian Health provides you with monthly updates on your average salary expectations based on your professional details and location. This is all derived from an analysis of the current job market in real time. 

Downside Of Travel Nursing With Vivian Health

There’s really only one downside to travel nursing with Vivian Health: they’re not technically a travel nurse agency.

That means the quality of your experience will depend on the staffing agency you choose through the platform. 


If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to find your next travel nursing assignment, Vivian health may be just the platform for you.

While you won’t be working directly for the company, they make it easy to search for staffing agencies based on your personal preferences.

If you’re looking to begin your travel nursing journey, then start traveling today!

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