Wanderly Travel Nursing Review 2023

Right away, it’s important to note something: Wanderly is not a travel nursing agency.

They’ve brought a huge amount of unprecedented innovation to the travel nursing industry. However, they’re not a direct agency per se.

Today, travel nurses have more choice than ever when it comes to travel nursing agencies.

In fact, there are more than 500 registered agencies. These companies directly employ their nursing staff and send them on assignments across the country.

So, how does Wanderly fit into the equation? Read on to find out!

What Does Wanderly Do For Travel Nurses?

Before Wanderly, travel nurses had to go through an often arduous process. This involved sending individual applications to multiple travel nursing agencies in search of an assignment.

This was really tedious and time consuming. That’s because nurses had to reach out to different agencies independently. They also had to do plenty of research to see which agencies were legit and treated their staff well.

Travel nurses then had to submit the same paperwork to different agencies in hope of securing the best possible job. Wanderly Travel Nursing has made the process much more efficient.

Revolutionizing The Job Search Process

Wanderly has revolutionized the job search process for travel nurses. They’ve done this by giving nurses a single platform that provides them with all the opportunities they need.

On the website, nurses can quickly compare employment opportunities. They can also easily submit paperwork with a single upload.

This means Wanderly has streamlined the entire process, saving already busy nurses plenty of stress and time.

Pros and Cons of Wanderly Travel Nursing

Travel nursing with Wanderly has a lot of potential advantages. Some of them include:

  • Easier job hunt
  • High-tech solution
  • Additional resources
  • Data privacy

The only drawback to using Wanderly is that it is not a travel nursing agency in the typical sense.

4 Benefits of Travel Nursing with Wanderly

1. Easier Job Hunt

Wanderly has minimized the energy and time necessary for nurses to secure a new contract.

They’ve done this by aggregating the pay packages and offers from different nursing agencies in a single place.

Their search function also allows nurses to filter opportunities by various criteria. Nurses can adjust the settings according to their preferences.

For instance, if a travel nurse prefers to work in a specific place, they can easily receive results only located in that town, city, or state.

They can also search by:

  • Preferred hospital
  • Agency
  • Assignment length
  • Desired shift times
  • Pay rates

Once they choose their criteria and search, the site will quickly present them with pay packages that fit their chosen criteria.

2. High-tech Solution

The Wanderly platform uses cutting-edge data automation practices.

This ensures agencies can easily list and create travel nursing pay package entries on Wanderly. It also allows agencies to automatically update the status of job postings if they’re filled or removed.

That means the info found on this platform is always up to date.

3. Additional Resources

Wanderly also helps travel nurses easily find their next assignments by providing other resources.

For example, there’s a “reviews” section on the Wanderly website. This provides nurses with first-hand accounts and feedback on recruiters and travel nursing agencies.

Also, any prospective applicant can transparently see every benefit each agency offers.

Conveniently, Wanderly also lets nurses upload essential documents to their platform. This means the documents can easily be forwarded to different agencies.

You only need to upload your documents once, and they will automatically be submitted with your applications.

4. Data Privacy

Wanderly allows nurses to chat with recruiters anonymously.

This preserves user privacy while making online communication on the platform much easier.

Downside of Travel Nursing with Wanderly

Not a Travel Nursing Agency

One of the only downsides of travel nursing with Wanderly is the fact that you won’t really be travel nursing with them.

Remember, the platform isn’t a travel nursing agency per se. They only exist to make it easier for travel nurses to connect with reputable agencies.

As great as their work is, you need to remember that your experience will be determined by the specific agency and assignment you choose.


Wanderly has lots of great, tech-powered features. It’s what has allowed them to make great strides in the travel nursing industry.

The company’s best accomplishment is that it has streamlined the job hunt for nurses.

To do that, the company employed a team of professionals with varying expertise, from tech to nursing. This has allowed them to create the perfect resource for travel nurses.

Ready to begin travel nursing? Then start traveling today!

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