12 Nursing Podcasts to up Your Knowledge on your Commute 

Whether you’re a brand new nurse or a 20-year veteran, there’s always something new to learn. This is true for most aspects of the medical field, as new research is always evolving. Most of us agree it’s important to keep up with these advances, but it’s really hard to find the extra time off the clock to further your knowledge.

One way to get in quick tidbits of information is to listen to podcasts on your commute or even when you’re doing chores, like cleaning or cooking. Podcasts serve as quick sources of information and may include guest hosts or special themes relevant to your interests.

The following nursing podcasts are interesting and fun, and they can help you continue learning more about your practice without having to spend money on expensive courses:

1. FreshRN

This podcast was made specifically for the new nurses out there who are looking for some advice on everything from managing ICU drips to working alongside physicians. FreshRN also has a website that is packed with tons of valuable information and includes several freebie courses on topics like managing atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response and tips for conducting neuro assessments. 

2. Medical Spanish 

Having Spanish skills can be a big plus, whether you work in a hospital, a school, or a doctor’s office. Learning a whole language is a huge endeavor, and it requires a lot of discipline and time. Medical Spanish, a podcast created by Dr. Molly Martin, features scenarios you may run into as a nurse and analyzes the differences between the Spanish and English versions of common sayings you may encounter in that scenario when working with Spanish-speaking patients. Some examples of topics covered include neurological assessment following a car accident and triaging in the emergency room. 

3. GeriPal

GeriPal is a podcast focused on geriatrics and palliative care. This one frequently features guest speakers who are experts in the field, and many of the topics are relevant to patients of all ages (not just geriatric patients). You’ll find information on race and ethnic differences in end-of-life care, managing chronic pain, and palliative care for cancer.

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4. Straight A Nursing

This podcast is geared toward nursing students and provides education, advice, and wisdom for emerging nurses. It is hosted by a nurse, and most of the episodes tend to be relatively short (30 minutes or fewer), so it is relatable and easy to fit into a busy schedule. Some challenging topics covered on this podcast include a segment on Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs), angioedema assessments and interventions, and caring for patients with delirium. 

5. The Nurse Keith Show

Hosted by an RN who is also a Board-Certified holistic career coach, The Nurse Keith Show covers a variety of topics geared toward having a positive career as a nurse and growing in your practice. It also addresses topics such as pandemic fatigue and progressing the field by addressing tough issues, like racism in nursing, patient advocacy, and raising consciousness about eating disorders. You’ll also find topics on altering your career path in an ethical manner and maintaining your own health.

6. The Happy Traveler 

As you probably guessed from the title, this podcast is focused specifically on travel nursing topics. It is hosted by a nurse practitioner and also includes plenty of guest speakers. Some relevant topics include taking time off as a travel nurse, financial tips for travelers, and leadership in healthcare staffing. Although these topics are geared toward travel nursing, a majority of them could also translate to working as a full-time or PRN nurse.

7. AFP: American Family Physician Podcast

This podcast will help keep you up-to-date on current practices and advances in the medical field. It is hosted by faculty and residents at the University of Arizona College of medicine. Some of the topics that have been discussed previously include evaluation after first seizure, remdesivir for COVID-19, and sleep disorders in children. As you can see, the topics vary significantly and provide tidbits of information relevant to practitioners in a variety of settings.

8. SHIFT Talk

If you’re interested in learning more about juicy nursing topics, such as burnout, nurse bullying, and equity in healthcare, this is the podcast for you. It is hosted by a board certified RN and nurse practitioner. You can also head to the podcast’s website to access articles, resources, and discounts for nurses.

9. Nurses on Fire

Nurses on fire focuses on how to build your own, personal wealth as a nurse. It addresses topics such as achieving financial freedom, landing your dream job, and becoming a nurse investor. It also addresses advancing the actual field of nursing, with topics that address the challenges of nurses with disabilities, improving support for male nurses, and progressing the overall healthcare experience.

10. The Lab Values Podcast

This one is pretty practical for students and experienced nurses alike. It is quick and gets to the point, with most episodes averaging at around 4 to 6 minutes in length. Each episode focuses on a specific lab value and includes information such as normal ranges and information about how the value relates to a patient’s presentation.

11. Daily Nurse—NurseCasts

NurseCasts is a useful podcast to have on your list due to its variety of practical topics. The podcast focuses on serious issues (such as mental health) well as fun, not-so-serious issues (like where to find the best shoes to keep you going through your shift). Information is applicable to future nursing students, current nursing students, and experienced nurses.

12. You Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast

Last, but not least, we have Your Next Shift. This podcast provides career advice for nurses and incorporates a different guest speaker each episode. Explore topics such as fighting complacency with your career, getting into nursing leadership, and exploring lesser known careers that are relevant to nurses. The topics are interesting, and episodes offer stories and advice for growing in your current position, reigniting your passion for nursing, and making the next steps in your career path

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