Achieve Test Prep Review: Online LPN to RN With Credit-By-Exam

If you’re an LPN looking to transition to an RN or BSN, Achieve Test Prep can help you complete your nursing education faster.

This platform offers preparation for exams that allow you to receive college credit, called credit-by-exam. Just attend one test-prep course per week for four weeks, and you’ll be ready to pass your exam.

Since this will let you test out of your prerequisite courses, Achieve claims it could save you 12-18 months in getting your degree.

So, given the amount of time and money it could save you, let’s explore what exactly Achieve Test Prep is, how it works, and how you can use it to quickly bridge from LPN to RN.

What is Achieve Test Prep?

Achieve Test Prep is an exam preparation service that helps all kinds of students earn their educational credentials faster. They do this by offering credit-by-exam prep courses.

Their credit-by-exam courses consist of one class per week for four weeks. At the end of the course, you’ll be prepared to pass an exam which allows you to test out of prerequisite courses at your college. 

The exams include tests offered through organizations like CLEP and DSST. Some of the courses include:

It’s important to note, however, that you cannot become an RN through online exams alone. These credit-by-exams are only designed to fast-track your education by allowing you to complete prerequisites.

You should also keep in mind that not all colleges will recognize the credits awarded by these exams. While hundreds of colleges do recognize them, it’s important to check your specific school’s guidelines.

Is Achieve Test Prep Accredited?

Achieve Test Prep is not an accredited nursing education institution. However, this organization is not the one actually administering exams and awarding credits.

Instead, Achieve delivers preparatory courses for acing other organizations’ exams. This way, you know exactly what to expect come test time, giving you a good chance of passing and earning credits.

In order to actually transition from LPN to RN, you will need to enroll in an accredited educational institution, like a community college or four-year university.

You cannot earn your ADN degree or BSN degree exclusively through credit-by-exam.

Why Use Achieve Test Prep To Bridge From LPN To RN?

Achieve Test Prep helps LPNs expedite their journey to becoming Registered Nurses. However, this is just one of the many benefits of Achieve.

Below, we discuss all the unique aspects of these prep courses that make them appealing.

1. Credit-by-Exam Programs

Achieve Test Prep’s core approach involves preparing LPNs for credit-by-exam tests, such as the CLEP or DSST exams. 

These exams allow LPNs to demonstrate their proficiency in prerequisite nursing subjects and earn college credits directly. 

By passing these exams, LPNs can fulfill certain RN degree requirements without having to complete entire courses. Overall, this can save you a lot of time and money.

2. Test Out Of College Classes

By passing credit-by-exam tests, you can test out of courses in your college program. This is great for two reasons.

First, it saves you a lot of time. Instead of taking a 15-week course at your university, you can attend test prep classes once a week for four weeks.

Second, you can also save a lot of money. This is because it’s cheaper to enroll in an Achieve Test Prep course and take an exam than take a full-length college course.

3. Flexibility

LPNs often have busy work schedules and personal commitments that make traditional classroom attendance challenging. Fortunately, Achieve Test Prep’s online platform allows LPNs to study wherever it’s convenient.

However, if you prefer in-person learning, Achieve also has dozens of campuses across the country. In fact, there are 69 locations offering accelerated BSN courses.

This flexibility enables LPNs to learn in the environment that’s most comfortable for them, whether that be online or in-person.

Just keep in mind that, unlike some other online educational programs, Achieve classes have set class times each week. However, there are no waiting times, and you can get started in as little as a week.

4. Robust Resources

Achieve Test Prep offers a ton of useful resources so you’re prepared to pass your credit-by-exam test.

Firstly, all courses, both online and in-person, are delivered by a live instructor. This means no pre-recorded videos, and you can actually interact with your instructor.

Second, you’ll receive access to free books and study resources to look over outside of class time. 

Finally, in addition to preparation for credit-by-exam tests, Achieve offers:

5. High Exam Pass Rate

About 94% of those who enroll in an Achieve Test Prep course pass their exam. However, if you don’t pass, there’s no need to worry!

Achieve will provide you with extra resources at no additional cost through their special program called Achieve 911. This involves you working with an education coach, who will develop a personalized study plan.

This special program can also include free:

  • Course retakes
  • Refresher courses
  • One-on-one tutoring

So, even if you don’t manage to pass your exam on the first try, Achieve is there to provide additional resources to support your success.

6. Transferable Credits

Once you pass a credit-for-exam test, you’ll be able to transfer those credits to your college program. 

While hundreds of colleges accept these credits, be sure to check that your chosen program accepts the credits before enrolling. 

Fortunately, Achieve offers past college credit analysis and can help you find schools that are a good fit for you. They can even evaluate your professional experience to help you get credits for it.

Overall, the more credits you can transfer to your college, the more time and money you can save earning your accredited nursing degree. 

Is Achieve Test Prep Legit?

Achieve Test Prep Logo

Achieve Test Prep is a legit exam preparation platform with a high success rate. Better yet, those who don’t pass their exams on the first try can get access to additional resources.

Let’s look at some of the key reasons we determined Achieve to be a legit and worthwhile service.

1. Accreditation

Achieve Test Prep itself is not an accredited institution. However, the exams it prepares you for are usually recognized by accredited colleges and universities.

This means these institutions count the credits earned through these tests toward your degree completion. Ultimately, this allows you to test out of certain courses. 

Just be sure to check that your selected college program accepts the credits, because not all of them do.

2. Accountability

Most people who enroll in an Achieve course pass their credit-by-exam test on the first try after just four classes.

However, if you don’t pass on the first try, they’ll provide you with additional resources at no charge.

Overall, this shows that Achieve takes accountability for the success of its students. They are there to help, even if things don’t go according to plan.

3. Success Stories

The success stories of individuals who have successfully transitioned from LPN to RN through Achieve Test Prep’s programs serve as a testament to its effectiveness. 

Many testimonials highlight the support, resources, and guidance provided by the company in helping students achieve their career goals. Here’s one example:

“I had applied for a position that would have been a step up. But not only did my supervisor tell me that since I didn’t have my RN I wouldn’t be considered, I was also hearing rumors of layoffs.  That’s when I called Achieve Test Prep… I’m very happy I completed my work with Achieve Test Prep. It was the best career decision I could have made.  I also know in the future I’ll be very happy. With the help of Achieve I’ve finally fulfilled my dream, and I’m finally an RN.”

-Susan N., RN

What Schools Are Associated With Achieve Test Prep?

While Achieve Test Prep doesn’t work directly with colleges, it does prepare you for exams that can help you earn college credits.

There are over 2,900 colleges and universities that recognize credit-by-exam credits awarded by CLEP and DSST. Some popular traditional universities include:

  • University of Florida
  • Arizona State University
  • Texas Tech University
  • Drexel University
  • Colorado State University

A number of online schools also accept the transfer of these credits toward your degree. Some popular examples include:

How Do Achieve Test Prep Programs Work?

Earning credits toward your nursing degree quickly is a simple process with Achieve Test Prep’s programs. 

Essentially, there are three steps you need to follow. Below, we discuss how each step works.

1. Custom Plan Development

First, Achieve Test Prep will evaluate your existing credits and previous work experience. This will help you understand what you still need to do to bridge from LPN to RN.

After your complimentary evaluation, they’ll help you create a custom plan to earn your credentials in as little time as possible.

The program can even help you pick the right accredited college to get your degree.

2. Test Prep

Once you’ve got your plan together, you can begin taking test prep courses with Achieve. These courses typically consist of four live, instructor-led sessions. You’ll also gain access to study materials like free books.

Upon finishing your classes, you can move to the next step and take your credit-by-exam test.

3. Take Exam & Earn Credits

Finally, after completing your course, you’ll be prepared to pass the exam and earn credits toward your degree.

Upon passing the exam, you’ll be able to transfer the credits and get one step closer to becoming an RN.

If you don’t pass on the first try, that’s ok. Achieve Test Prep will provide you with additional resources like a personalized study plan and one-on-one tutoring.

Once you finish your degree, Achieve offers NCLEX and nursing licensure preparation so you can obtain your nursing license and start practicing.

Is Achieve Test Prep Worth It?

If you want to save time and money when earning your ADN or BSN degree, Achieve Test Prep can definitely be worth it.

LPNs looking to transition to RNs just need to pass the exam, and they’ll earn credit towards their degree. It costs less than a traditional 15-week college course, and only requires four live class sessions.

If you’re already enrolled in a nursing program, just be sure to check whether your college accepts these transfer credits. Different institutions can have varying policies regarding credit-by-exam.

If you aren’t enrolled in an LPN to RN program yet, consider checking out our guide to the best online LPN to RN programs.

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