Top Nursing Schools in Utah For 2024

Looking to start or advance your career as a nurse in the Beehive State? Then this list of the top nursing schools in Utah is the perfect place to start!

After all, there are a lot of top-tier nursing programs in the state, and choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. 

So, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll look at the key details of all the best nursing schools in Utah. Join us as we explore critical factors like tuition costs, NCLEX pass rates, and distinctive features that set each institution apart. 

Whether you’re drawn to the bustling urban environment of Salt Lake City or the scenic landscapes of Southern Utah, this guide will help you find the school that’s right for you.

4 Best Nursing Schools In Utah

While there are at least 19 different schools offering various nursing degrees at all education levels in Utah, the four we discuss below stood out for a number of reasons. The following schools demonstrated high NCLEX pass rates, affordable tuition, and more.

Whether you’re looking to start your career with a BSN or take on more advanced roles with an MSN, you’ll find a program offering what you need below.

So, read on to discover the best nursing schools in Utah, and the aspects that help each one stand out.

1. University of Utah College of Nursing: A Hub of Excellence in Salt Lake City

University of Utah College of Nursing

Nestled in the vibrant city of Salt Lake City, the University of Utah College of Nursing stands as a beacon of excellence in nursing education. 

Renowned for its cutting-edge facilities and distinguished faculty, this institution offers a comprehensive range of programs, including:

Additionally, the school offers several graduate nursing certificates, including:

Tuition and Financial Considerations For University of Utah College of Nursing

The tuition for the BSN program at the University of Utah College of Nursing hovers around $10,300 per academic year for in-state students. Meanwhile, out-of-state tuition typically costs around $15,000 per semester.

Additionally, you’ll need to consider extra fees, which usually amount to about $700 per semester for both in- and out-of-state students.

While the cost of education is never cheap, it’s crucial to weigh it against the quality of education, resources, and opportunities provided by the institution.

NCLEX Pass Rates and Success Stories For University of Utah College of Nursing

The University of Utah College of Nursing consistently boasts NCLEX pass rates surpassing the national average, which was 82.32% in 2022. In 2022, the NCLEX pass rate for University of Utah was 82.61%.

Graduates from this esteemed institution have gone on to achieve remarkable success in their nursing careers, serving as a testament to the effectiveness of their education.

2. Brigham Young University College of Nursing: Bridging Faith and Healthcare in Provo

Brigham Young University College of Nursing logo

For those seeking a unique fusion of faith-based values and healthcare education, Brigham Young University College of Nursing in Provo offers a distinctive learning environment. 

The institution provides a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, as well as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) graduate program.

Overall, this nursing school is known for its commitment to nurturing well-rounded and compassionate nurses.

Tuition Affordability and Scholarly Opportunities For Brigham Young University College of Nursing

At Brigham Young University College of Nursing, the tuition for the BSN program for a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is approximately $3,248 for 12 or more credit hours in Fall/Winter. For non-church members, this tuition number jumps to $6,496.

Meanwhile, for Spring/Summer studies, the tuition for six or more credit hours is only around  $1,624, making it an extremely affordable option for members of the church. Even for non-members, the tuition of $3,248 is still relatively affordable.

It’s also important to note that the institution provides various scholarship opportunities which are certainly worth exploring if you’re considering attending BYU.

NCLEX Pass Rates and Ethical Foundations

Beyond financial considerations, the NCLEX pass rates at Brigham Young University College of Nursing are some of the top in the state. In 2022, students from BYU School of Nursing had a 94.49% NCLEX pass rate. 

The institution’s emphasis on ethical principles and values further contributes to the development of nurses. Graduates not only excel in their clinical skills, but also uphold a strong moral compass in their interactions with patients and colleagues.

3. Westminster College School of Nursing: Where Personalized Education Meets Practical Experience

Westminster College School of Nursing logo

Nestled in the heart of Salt Lake City, Westminster College School of Nursing distinguishes itself with its intimate class sizes and a personalized approach to education. 

Westminster offers two different Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree tracks: the traditional BSN and online RN-to-BSN.

Overall, the school focuses on providing students with hands-on experience and fostering a sense of community engagement.

Tuition Transparency and Community-Centric Learning

A more expensive option than other top nursing schools in Utah, students can expect the tuition for the traditional BSN program at Westminster College School of Nursing to cost approximately $21,504 per semester. 

Meanwhile, the university does not specify the cost of tuition for the online RN-to-BSN track, as the cost can vary based on accepted transfer credits.

It’s worth noting that this investment goes beyond the classroom, however. Students actively engage with the local community through clinical experiences, service projects, and outreach programs.

NCLEX Success and Professional Readiness

Westminster College School of Nursing consistently achieves commendable NCLEX pass rates. In 2022, their average pass rate was slightly above the national average at 83.08%. 

Overall, this indicates that their graduates are not only academically prepared, but also possess the practical skills and critical thinking abilities necessary for success in diverse healthcare settings.

4. Utah Tech University College of Health Sciences: Southern Utah’s Gateway to Nursing Excellence

Utah Tech University College of Health Sciences logo

For those enchanted by the beauty of Southern Utah, Utah Tech University’s College of Health Sciences offers a gateway to nursing excellence. 

The institution offers several different nursing degrees at various levels, including:

Tuition Accessibility and Regional Impact

Understanding the financial landscape is crucial for prospective students, and Utah Tech University strives to make nursing education accessible. 

In-state students in the Pre-Licensure BSN program can expect to pay a tuition of approximately $2,633 per semester ($3,037 after fees). Meanwhile, out-of-state students can expect to pay about $8,417 in tuition ($8,821 after fees).

For the online RN to BSN track, students can expect to spend a total of between $7,650 and $10,200 to earn their bachelor’s degree.

Overall, these tuition prices make it a competitive option for those seeking a quality education without an overwhelming financial burden. 

Additionally, the university demonstrates its commitment to serving the regional community by producing graduates who can contribute meaningfully to the local healthcare landscape.

NCLEX Performance and Community Integration

The success of Utah Tech University College of Health Sciences graduates on the NCLEX further reinforces the institution’s dedication to preparing their students. The school’s NCLEX pass rate for 2022 was 81.11%. 

Moreover, the program’s integration with the local healthcare community through clinical placements and partnerships ensures that graduates are well-prepared to address the unique healthcare needs of Southern Utah.

Guiding Your Journey to Nursing Success in Utah

In conclusion, navigating the spectrum of nursing education in Utah involves careful consideration of various factors, including:

  • Tuition costs
  • NCLEX pass rates
  • The distinctive features of each institution 

Whichever Utah nursing school you choose, rest assured that you’re embarking on a path paved with excellence and guided by experienced educators.

Remember that your choice of nursing school is not just an investment in education. It’s also an investment in your future as a compassionate and skilled healthcare professional. 

By leveraging the insights provided in this guide to the best nursing schools in Utah, you can confidently take the first step toward a fulfilling and successful nursing career.

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