Sacred Heart University Online BSN Program Review 2023

Sacred Heart University’s online BSN program features a holistic education and great alumni outcomes.

Ranked as one of our top online BSN programs, this school could certainly make a great choice for those looking to become a leader in the field of nursing. 

In this post, we’ve researched all the key elements of Sacred Heart University’s online BSN program to help you decide if it may be a good fit for you.

Why Enroll in Sacred Heart University’s Online BSN Program?

The online BSN program at Sacred Heart University offers just one pathway to get your Bachelor’s of Nursing in Science degree: the RN-to-BSN.

This means you’ll need to already have your registered nurse license if you hope to enroll at this school.

Sacred Heart boasts what they call a “holistic” education, meaning the program focuses on more than just nursing course material. Instead, they incorporate ideas from fields like history and philosophy to prepare you to become a leader in the nursing field.

Additionally, the program is currently more affordable than it’s ever been. Even more importantly, the school has a great track record when it comes to alumni outcomes after graduation.

Finally, the Sacred Heart University provides a lot of options to get your advanced degree, which could make for a seamless transition should you choose to go for your MSN or DNP.

Graduate Reviews of the BSN Program at Sacred Heart University

There aren’t many reviews for Sacred Heart University’s BSN program. However, there is one nursing program review from Niche:

“As a nursing major I do feel as though I am equipped with the best professors who continue to push me to be the best I can while also being empathetic of the pressures on nursing students.”

-Junior (Spring, 2022)

4 Pros of Sacred Heart University’s Online BSN Program

There are several factors helping Sacred Heart University stand out from online BSN programs.

Read on to learn about them.

1. Save Money

According to their website, the tuition rates for Sacred Heart University’s online BSN program is currently $6,000 less than it was back in 2020. Nicely, the school is transparent about the total cost of the degree.

The degree currently takes about a year and half to complete, requires 120 credit hours, and each credit hour costs $390.

However, you may be able to reduce the time and significantly by applying transfer credits. In fact, you can transfer up to 90 credits toward your BSN.

2. Holistic Education

Sacred Heart emphasizes that the purpose of their program is simply to give you educational materials to become a nurse. Instead, their goal is to prepare you to become a leader in the nursing field.

In fact, their core curriculum draws on fields as diverse as:

  • Literature
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Science
  • Philosophy
  • Religion

Overall, the program consists of:

  • 14 prerequisite credits
  • 49 liberal arts and science credits
  • 57 nursing major credits

So, if you’re looking to be prepared for positions requiring lots of responsibility and leadership (and the extra salary boost these types of positions entail), this school may be the perfect choice.

3. Positive Outcomes

According to GradReports, this university features an impressive 100% employment rate for its graduates.

Additionally, Sacred Heart boasts an 85/100 salary score. The median alumni earnings is $76,930, while the median debt is $27,000.

The school also clearly lays out several student learning outcomes for the program, including:

  • Basic Organizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Care and Patient Safety
  • Scholarship for Evidence-Based Practice
  • Healthcare Policy, Finance and Regulatory Environments
  • Clinical Prevention and Population Health
  • Professionalism and Professional Values

4. Graduate Level Options

Finally, while the only undergraduate option is the RN-to-BSN degree, there is also an RN-to-MSN track if you know you’d like to go for your MSN.

Additionally, Sacred Heart University offers other ways to get your MSN, as well your DNP and nursing certificates. The advanced online nursing degrees they offer include:

  • Home Healthcare Management for RNs (Certificate)
  • MSN
  • MSN: Clinical Nurse Leader
  • MSN: Nursing Education
  • MSN: Nursing Management and Executive Leadership
  • MSN: Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Nursing Education Graduate Certificate
  • Nursing Management and Executive Leadership Graduate Certificate
  • Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • RN-to-MSN

So, while options may be limited for your Bachelor’s of Nursing Science degree, if you’re an RN looking to pursue an advanced degree, getting your BSN here could make for a seamless transition.

Cons of Sacred Heart University’s Online BSN Program

The biggest downside to Sacred Heart University’s online BSN program is the lack of pathways for getting your undergraduate degree. Whereas other schools provide tracks for non-nurses and current ADN students, this school only has the RN-to-BSN.

However, if you are a licensed RN, this could be a great option. This is especially true if you want to pursue an advanced degree, as this school provides a myriad of ways to do so, even offering a DNP.


Sacred Heart University’s online BSN program could be a perfect fit if you’re looking to get a holistic nursing education and want to attend a school that’s backed by positive outcomes for its graduates.

However, it’s smart to check out multiple options before deciding to pursue your degree at any school.

To find a university tailored to your needs, click here to find an online BSN program.

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