WGU Online BSN Program Review 2023

Thinking of enrolling in WGU’s online BSN program? 

Well, we’re here to help you decide if this program may be a good fit for you or if you should consider enrolling in one the other best online BSN programs.

There are lots of different online degree options at WGU. For example, their Master of Science in Nursing program ranks as one of our top MSN programs.

For now though, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of their Bachelor of Science in Nursing program

Why Enroll in WGU’s Online BSN Program?

WGU offers two different pathways to earn your undergraduate nursing degree:

  • B.S. Nursing Prelicensure
  • RN-to-BSN

The Nursing Prelicensure track is designed for those with no degree and can be completed in two and half years. While online classes make up a good portion of this program, about 40% of this track involves clinical, hands-on work.

Meanwhile, the RN-to-BSN program is designed for licensed RNs wanting to advance their education. This track can be completed in as little as 18 months and is mostly online.

To discover what makes WGU’s online BSN program stand out from the rest, keep reading!

Graduate Reviews of the BSN Program at WGU

Some former students left some positive reviews on GradReports. Here are a few of them:

“It’s competency based, so there is no room for failure. There were assessments that I had to retake along with papers that I had to revise, but all in all it was a good experience. The program requires goal setting, dedication, and studying. One of the things that helped me the most was following the rubric, and by doing that I was more successful.”

-BSNRNSK (July 13, 2021)

“I thought that online learning was only for the younger generation and not for me. I have been proven wrong! The university’s instructors are so helpful and setting up one on one office time with your class instructor is a breeze. It takes just 2 minutes to get online and go to your course’s page to sign up for predetermined times that fit your schedule. I also like the fact that as a new student I was assigned a mentor to help me navigate signing up for classes and figuring out how to plan my courses to successfully complete my degree. Now that I have experienced online classes with WGU, I have the confidence to pursue my education in a way that is convenient for my busy life!”

-Kelli Locke (September 27, 2019)

4 Pros of WGU’s Online BSN Program

The online BSN program at WGU has several benefits that help differentiate it from other programs. We discuss a few of them below.

1. Affordable

WGU charges students per term rather than per credit, helping you determine the overall cost of getting your degree.

The first term of your studies is Pre-Nursing. The cost for these courses is a little lower than the rest of the program.

Once you complete the Pre-nursing term, you can begin taking your Clinical Nursing courses. While these terms are a little more expensive, they’re still very affordable.

There are four Clinical Nursing terms, each one lasting six months.

If you enroll in the RN-to-BSN program, the cost per term is even cheaper, and you can transfer up to 90 credits toward your degree.

2. Hands-on

There is a large clinical focus for the Nursing Prelicensure track. In fact, 60% of this pathway is online coursework, and 40% involves clinical work.

Each clinical course requires that you’re available for three-week clinical windows, and you’’ be able to benefit from:

  • State-of-the-art clinical simulations
  • Clinical rotations in hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Clinical coaches, who are experienced staff nurses or clinical experts

The RN-to-BSN program, on the other hand, involves a lot more online coursework. However, you’ll still have to complete clinical requirements and develop your hands-on nursing skills.

3. Graduate Quickly

The Nursing Prelicensure B.S. is designed to be completed in just two and half years. 

This track is divided up into five six-month terms, and you’ll be expected to complete all the required units for each six-month block.

WGU says you should expect to spend about 30 hours per week on:

  • Studying
  • Assessments
  • Clinical rotations and simulation labs

Meanwhile, the RN-to-BSN track can be completed in as little as 18 months, and typically no longer than 24 months.

You can transfer credits from your nursing diploma or Associate degree to speed up the graduation process. 

WGU also features a competency-based program, meaning you can move through courses with material you’ve already mastered more quickly and spend more time focusing on areas you need to improve. 

4. Great Outcomes

Data from GradReports suggests that graduates from this program find success after getting their degree. In fact, the program boasts a 99% employment rate for alumni.

The school also features a 79/100 salary score. According to GradReports, the median salary for graduates is $74,550, and the median debt is $9,550.

Alumni have jobs in a number of industries, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Military
  • Public health departments
  • Nonprofit organizations 

Cons of WGU’s Online BSN Program

The main downside to WGU’s online BSN program is that the B.S. Nursing Prelicensure program is only available in the following states:

  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Utah

However, if you live in one of those states, this may be a great program for you to enroll in. It’s also worth noting that the school offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Coordination for those who live outside the states listed above and want an alternate route for patient care.


WGU’s online BSN program is an affordable degree option featuring great alumni outcomes.

While the Prelicensure track requires quite a bit of clinical coursework, the RN-to-BSN track can be completed almost entirely online.

It’s a great program, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the right choice for you. It’s always a good idea to explore your options before enrolling in any degree program.

If you’re not sure where to look for other programs, then click here to find an online BSN program suited to your goals.

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