LPN Salary in Massachusetts: How Much Do They Make?

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs), as healthcare professionals who provide basic nursing care, are well compensated for their work in the state of Massachusetts.

Whether you are pursuing a career as an LPN in Massachusetts or considering a career move there, it is normal to have questions regarding what to expect in terms of financial compensation for your work. LPNs are a crucial part of the healthcare system everywhere, and Massachusetts is no different. Below we dive deeper into the average LPN salary in Massachusetts. So read on as we examine how the salary can range depending on various factors, compare it to other states and nursing roles, and discuss strategies that can help boost your earnings in the Bay State.



LPN salaries in Massachusetts are much like the state’s mountainous landscapes. While the Bay State may not boast the highest peaks or top-tier salaries compared to some others, it does offer notable scenic mountain ranges and satisfactory compensation for LPNs. Embarking on a climb in Massachusetts, as well as pursuing a career as an LPN, requires hard work and determination. In the end, just as reaching the summit of a mountain brings a sense of accomplishment and rewards you with a breathtaking view, working as an LPN in Massachusetts can provide a fulfilling and rewarding career path.

Average LPN Salaries in Massachusetts

LPN salaries in Massachusetts are typically competitive, thus reflecting the state’s robust healthcare industry. According to recent data, as of June 2023, on average, licensed practical nurses in Massachusetts can expect to earn $78,634 per year, equaling an average hourly salary of $43.80. Additionally, according to thousands of salary reports, they can also earn an annual average of over $8,000 working overtime.

Salary range

Data shows that LPNs in the state of Massachusetts may be paid as low as $57,282, whereas the highest salaries reach $107,945. This estimated range can provide you with a general idea of what you can anticipate earning as an LPN in this location. It’s also important to note that this range of salaries comes as a direct result of several factors such as experience, location, and employer, among other things.

Salary by years of experience

As is the case with other professions, once you gain experience working as an LPN, your earning potential tends to increase as well. Here’s a general breakdown of average LPN salaries in Massachusetts based on years of experience:

  • Entry-level (less than a year): $74,014 per year
  • Mid-career (3-5 years): $81,286 per year
  • Experienced (6-9 years): $81,477 per year
  • Seasoned (over 10 years): $84,538 per year

Salary adjusted for cost of living

The high salary associated with LPNs in Massachusetts can be linked to the relatively high cost of living in this state, particularly in bigger cities such as Boston. Overall, the cost of living in Massachusetts is higher than the national average. Compared to the average for the country, which is set at 100, data shows that the cost of living index for this particular state reaches 148.4, almost 25% higher. In addition to that, several other indexes related to the cost of living also surpass the national average:

  • Grocery index: 105.0
  • Housing index: 219.5
  • Utilities index: 126.1
  • Transportation index: 127.5
  • Health index: 112.6

Highest-Paying Cities in Massachusetts for LPNs


Certain cities in the state of Massachusetts can offer higher average salaries for LPNs than others. This increase in the average salary can be attributed to various factors such as the demand, cost of living in that particular area, and competition. Data shows that the highest-paying cities for LPNs in Massachusetts are the following:

  • Burlington, MA – $85,429 per year
  • Quincy, MA – $83,617 per year
  • Boston, MA – $78,403 per year
  • Holyoke, MA – $77,163 per year
  • Plymouth, MA – $72,978 per year
  • Gardner, MA – $72,509 per year
  • Springfield, MA – $67,607 per year
  • Wrentham, MA – $67,308 per year
  • Worcester, MA – $65,997 per year

How Do LPN Salaries in Massachusetts Compare to Other States?

Massachusetts has an excellent healthcare industry; therefore, LPN salaries tend to be quite high compared to the national average. In fact, the average LPN salary in Massachusetts is 32% higher than the national average, which is $59,670 per year. 

Generally, LPNs in the states surrounding Massachusetts, specifically those on the north and south also earn significantly less, averaging at:

However, there are also some states bordering Massachusetts that have higher salaries for LPNs, such as:

However, to best understand the difference in wages between Massachusetts and other states in the U.S., it’s essential to research and compare their cost of living, among other elements.

How Much Do Similar Professions Get Paid in Massachusetts?

Another important element to consider when evaluating the salary of LPNs in Massachusetts is understanding the salary landscape of similar professions in the same area. For example, registered nurses in Massachusetts earn an average salary of $111,509 per year, which is generally higher than that of LPNs. Additionally, other specialized nursing roles, such as nurse anesthetists, also earn more, averaging $237,972 per year. However, there are some other nursing occupations that earn significantly less than LPNs in Massachusetts, as is the case with nurse practitioners, who make around $41,450 per year.

How Can You Boost Your Salary as an LPN in Massachusetts?


Although as an LPN practicing in Massachusetts you will already earn a good salary, there are some steps you can take to enhance your earning potential, such as:

Following these steps can help you enhance your skills, thus making you a more valuable asset in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, it can help you stay informed about potential job openings in higher-paying roles that offer an increased earning potential.

Job Prospects for LPNs in Massachusetts

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for LPNs throughout the country is estimated to be 6% from 2021 to 2031. Each year there are projected to be around 58,800 new job openings each year. Additionally, data from the Labor Market Information (LMI) regarding long-term occupational projections show that, within that percentage, in Massachusetts specifically, this positive change in the job outlook is estimated to be 6.7%, with an average of 1,320 new job openings per year.

The Bottom Line

All in all, LPN salaries in Massachusetts provide satisfactory compensation. Although the state may not offer the highest salaries in the country, it does offer you the opportunity to have a rewarding and financially secure career as an LPN. Additionally, it provides room for you to boost your earning potential through education and experience.

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