Travel Nursing in Chicago, Illinois: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

Travel nursing in Chicago may be right for you if you want to work in a city with a high demand for nurses. Learn more here!

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Travel nursing in Chicago may be right for you if you want to work in a city with a high demand for nurses.

We are constantly hearing bad things in the news about Chicago. More specifically, we hear about how dangerous the city has become.

However, there’s lot of great parts to Chicago that could make it an excellent destination for travel nurses.

Want to know if travel nursing in Chicago is right for you? Read on to find out!

Why Choose Travel Nursing in Chicago, Illinois?

The Windy City has become notorious for its spike in violent crime. Of course, this is not all over the city, but rather in isolated parts areas.

However, with this increase in crime, there has never been a greater need for nurses.

This may be your opportunity to really help in a trauma environment.

What Can Travel Nurses Do in Chicago?

Chicago offers the traditional recreational activities you’re used to. However, there are several things that set the city apart from the rest.

The Lakefront Trail, which extends over 18 miles along Lake Michigan, is the perfect place to take a run, jog, or walk.

If you get hungry along the way, the area is sprinkled with lots of dining opportunities, even for the most developed palette.

The 606 offers something for every exercise enthusiast. Whether you like to walk, run, bike, rollerblade, or even skateboard (yes, it’s all allowed!), you can get your cardio fix here.

Travel Nursing in Chicago

What Is Nightlife Like in Chicago?

The area, as would be expected, does have its fair share of high-end bars and nightclubs.

If you love being the life of the party, these options will allow you to thrive.

On the other hand, if you prefer to fit in like a real local, then you probably want to go to a neighborhood bar and unwind with some friends.

Who knows, you might even make a few new ones!

How Can Travel Nurses Get Around Chicago?

The Chicago Transit District (CTA) handles public transportation.

Transportation is either by traditional bus or train throughout the city. However, riding with CTA isn’t cheap.

Ranging from $2.50-$10, it is one of the more expensive areas to travel via public transportation. 

You can find a complete breakdown of the fairs here. The ride schedule is frequent, meaning you won’t usually have to wait long if you miss your ride.

Top Hospitals For Travel Nursing in Chicago

There are approximately 40 hospitals serving the Chicago area. In total, there are over 7,800 beds and 1,555 ICU beds.

The top-ranked hospital in Chicago is Northwestern Memorial Hospital. This is followed by Rush University Medical Center and University of Chicago Medical Center. All three are ranked in multiple specialties.

Is Chicago Affordable For Travel Nurses?

Chicago has an elevated cost of living with rental property averaging just over $2,000.

Across the board of grocery, health, housing, and utilities, the cost of living in Chicago is much lower than the standard across the country.

The only deterrent to travel nursing in Chicago (as far as cost of living is concerned) is the price of transportation. It is almost 38 points higher than the rest of the country.


Chicago is one of the most famous places in the U.S. and the world. The surge in violent crime makes nursing an incredibly in-demand position in the area.

Outside of rent and transportation costs, the city is affordable. There is a lot to do and prestigious hospitals to practice at.

Think travel nursing in Chicago may be right for you? Then start traveling today!

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