Atlas MedStaff Travel Nursing Agency Review 2023

One of the great advantages of Atlas MedStaff travel nursing agency is the immense experience its team has in the world of travel nursing.

They’ve been in the game over three decades, and plenty of their nurses have created lifelong friendships within the company. This has created a unique family culture that only mid-sized agencies can support. 

The Atlas MedStaff management creates an agency experience that fully understands the stresses of the modern healthcare industry. They also understand the overwhelming feelings the industry can induce in any caregiver.

That’s why any nurse that signs with them receives their full support and attention. This is regardless of whether they’ve been on many travel nurse assignments before, or if they’re complete newbies to travel nursing. 

Whatever the case, Atlas MedStaff travel nursing agency is committed to connecting each of their nurses with their ideal travel assignments. 

Why Choose Travel Nursing With Atlas MedStaff?

There’s one belief at the core of the Atlas MedStaff travel nursing experience.

Its recruiters and managers believe that every nurse deserves a travel healthcare agency that actually cares about them and views them as individuals.

That’s why their travelers are a tight-knit community led by transparent managers and co-founders. They’re all dedicated to providing travel nurses with both fair compensation and the potential for adventure. 

A Unique Adventure For Every Travel Nurse

Those are not just empty words. Every one of their travel staff gets a free Atlas Adventure that’s uniquely suited to them.

Do you like the adrenaline or skydiving, or the perseverance necessary for mountain climbing? Are you an avid skier, or do you just want to spend a weekend at the spa? When you travel with Atlas MedStaff, all of this is possible. 

Granted, these are all subjective experiences of individual nurses. 

However, there’s no denying the fact that Atlas MedStaff remains one of the fastest-growing travel nursing agencies in the entire country.

Also, Staffing Industry Analysis shows they’re one of the most prospective healthcare staffing companies in general. They’ve received multiple industry awards and recognitions for their diligent and thoughtful approach to the management of travel nurses. 

Pros and Cons of Atlas MedStaff Travel Nursing Agency

There are several upsides to working with Atlas Medstaff travel nursing agency. Some of them include:

  • Atlas Adventure 
  • Plenty of insurance
  • Wide range of benefits
  • Paid private housing
  • Long-term relationship

The pros definitely outweigh the cons for this agency.

The only drawback we noticed is that your experience will depend on the quality of your recruiter.

4 Benefits of Travel Nursing with Atlas MedStaff

Let’s first look at the advantages of working with Atlas MedStaff.

We discuss 4 of them here.

1. Plenty of Insurance

When it comes to medical insurance, Atlas MedStaff travel nursing provides an incredibly plentiful package.

They offer both HSA and PPO options as Blue Cross Blue Shield partners. This also includes substantial telehealth services, which has become especially important during the pandemic.

Furthermore, the Atlas package includes dental insurance through two incredibly comprehensive dental plans. There’s even an option that provides orthodontia coverage to the kids of their nurses.

Besides that, there’s vision insurance in the form of a base vision plan. This can be upgraded with a “buy-up” plan, providing coverage for advanced optic needs.

Finally, there’s voluntary life insurance divided into increments ranging between $10,000 and $100,000. This insurance comes with guaranteed eligibility.

Alternatively, the coverage goes up to three times of a nurse’s base salary if there’s evidence of insurability. The coverage also extends to a nurse’s children and spouse. 

2. Wide Range of Benefits

Besides the base insurance coverage and competitive salaries that Atlas MedStaff travel nurses get, the agency also provides them with hospital, accident, and critical illness plans.

These plans assist with cost coverage in case of unexpected problems.

On a brighter note, there’s also money to be made from referrals. Nurses that recommend their friends to the agency will get a hefty $750 bonus for each nurse that stays with Atlas MedStaff for at least a month. 

3. Paid Private Housing Options

Atlas MedStaff knows that no nurse will be happy with their assignment unless they’re satisfied with their housing.

That’s why they provide all of their nurses with assistance in finding the best possible place. Meanwhile, they also give a housing stipend to nurses that already know where they want to live. 

4. Long-term Relationship

Rather than treating their nurses like mere numbers, Atlas MedStaff constantly tries to form future-proof, long-term relationships with their staff.

For instance, they provide continuing education programs through their partner companies. These programs offer a variety of courses for all kinds of nursing specialties.

Furthermore, they make saving for retirement easy through a generous employer-matching Atlas MedStaff 401(k) program. 

Disadvantage of Travel Nursing with Atlas MedStaff

Atlas MedStaff travel nursing clearly offers a lot of benefits and quality-of-life features that make them stand out among other travel nursing agencies.

However, there is one drawback to note.

Experience Varies Depending On The Recruiter

It’s worth pointing out that each nurse’s experience will only be as great as their individual recruiter.

Be sure to foster a good relationship with the right recruiter, and hopefully you won’t have to worry about this disadvantage.


Atlas MedStaff travel nursing agency is a fantastic option for any nurse looking for adventure and lucrative travel assignments. 

Just remember, you’ll want to make sure you connect with the right recruiter to get the assignments you want.

Ready to begin your travel nursing adventure? Then start the process today!

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