Aureus Medical Travel Nursing Agency Review 2023

Aureus Medical travel nursing agency provides nurses with more than the next career opportunity. The people in this agency know their nurses well. They know that travel nursing is far more than just another job.

In many ways, it’s the gateway to a great lifestyle. That’s why Aureus Medical has helped healthcare professionals on their travel nursing journey for over thirty-five years. 

In the past couple of decades, healthcare facilities of all kinds across the country have been facing shortages of nursing staff.

With that in mind, travel nurses have become increasingly important and valuable. This is something high-quality travel nurse agencies like Aureus Medical have capitalized on.

Why Choose Travel Nursing With Aureus Medical?

According to the extensive testimonials written by travel nurses that have worked for Aureus Medical, it’s clear that the agency knows what they’re doing.

Even travel nurses that didn’t have assignments exclusively with Aureus Medical have been quick to point to the agency as one of their best experiences in the industry.

Nurses collaborate with a number of the agency’s personnel. They’ve always got a primary recruiter that’s their go-to person for any issues or needs.

Also, nurses report that they’re satisfied with the variety of travel nursing assignments. They’ve been sent to a number of vastly different locations and facilities across the United States.

Furthermore, Aureus offers pay and benefits that are appropriate and reportedly “better than most”.

Nurses also appreciate the fact that the Aureus Medical staff are always honest and open about what the nurses can expect. This isn’t true for some less reputable travel nurse agencies. 

Travel nurses have also praised the Aureus Medical housing staff. They’ve proven to be dedicated and knowledgeable. That’s why they always offer several options according to individual nurses’ needs. 

6 Benefits of Travel Nursing With Aureus Medical

There are tons of advantages to travel nursing with Aureus Medical.

We discuss 6 of them below.

1. Experience

There are plenty of ways one can judge a travel nurse agency. One thing that’s certain is that their reputation and experience matters.

In this regard, Aureus Medical has few peers. They’ve been in the game for over 35 years.

This means they’ve maintained proper relations with both travel nursing staff and healthcare facilities for a long time. 

2. Personal Approach

Travel nursing with Aureus Medical includes a highly-personalized approach.

For instance, every travel nurse gets a dedicated recruiter whose specialty is the nurse’s field of healthcare.

This recruiter acts as:

  • An advocate
  • A liaison
  • A connection
  • The main point of contact between the nurses and Aureus Medical

Even before nurses finish one of their assignments, their recruiters are already there to provide them with the next one. 

The availability of recruiters is also a huge benefit of working with Aureus. They’ve got someone ready to respond to nurse requests 24/7.

Even if a nurse’s specific recruiter isn’t currently available, someone is always ready to step in. 

3. Facility Relations

Aureus Medical has been a highly-reputed travel nursing agency for over three decades. In that time, they’ve built one of the most respected agencies for healthcare staffing in the entire country.

As a result, they’ve got long-standing relationships with all kinds of healthcare facilities from coast to coast.

Wherever a nurse wants to travel or whatever kind of facility they want to work in, Aureus Medical can find a great fit. 

4. Dedicated Housing and Travel Department

All of the housing and travel functions are taken care of in-house. That means they’ve got an internal team of experienced housing coordinators and travel agents.

These industry veterans are closely cooperating with Aureus Medical recruiters to make sure all the logistics are taken care of before you arrive at the location of your next assignment. 

5. Insurance Benefits 

All travel nurses enjoy the ability to live fun, interesting lives filled with exciting new locations.

However, there are certain practicalities of the job to consider as well, especially when choosing the best possible travel agency.

For instance, besides a competitive pay structure, travel nurses want a comprehensive package of insurance policies. That’s why Aureus Medical offers a package with:

  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Four different health insurance plans that nurses can freely pick from.

Best of all, there’s no waiting period for this. All nurses are eligible for these benefits right from day one.

There’s also an in-depth Employee Assistance Program that comes with nine voluntary benefits nurses can opt into. This inlcludes accident insurance and life insurance. 

The health benefits include:

  • Diagnostic Eye Exam
  • Maternity Coverage
  • Unlimited Lifetime Maximum
  • Emergency Room & Urgent Care Center
  • Chiropractic
  • Office visit
  • Prescription Medication
  • Preventative Care

Some of the vision benefits are:

  • Copays on eyewear and exam services
  • Nationwide coverage

The dental benefits available to Aureus Medical travel nurses include:

  • Optional adult and child orthodontia 
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Basic preventative services
  • Basic diagnostic services

6. Other Benefits 

Aureus Medical provides their nurses with some of the most competitive benefits in the industry. That’s why they offer day-one 401k plans with a 4% company match for travel nurses that invest 5%. 

Apart from this, there are also referral bonuses. The agency realizes that great nurses likely know other great healthcare professionals. That’s why they’ve decided to offer up to $500 to any Aureus nurse that refers a:

  • Colleague
  • Family member
  • Friend 

The company constantly offers new:

  • Travel nursing positions
  • Occupational therapy jobs
  • Physical therapy jobs
  • Other excellent offers for highly-skilled healthcare professionals. 

Also, it’s worth noting that Aureus Medical values their most loyal staff as well. For every 600 hours that a nurse works through the agency, they get a $600 loyalty bonus. 

There’s a host of other benefits too, such as:

  • Paid immunizations
  • Paid licensure
  • Hospital indemnity

Downside of Travel Nursing With Aureus Medical

There’s only one real downside that travel nurses have reported from their experience with Aureus Medical.

The complex and sprawling structure of such a great staffing agency means that there are a lot of different staff members every nurse has to deal with.

While each travel nurse has an initial recruiter, there are also different on-site recruiters in all locations. Sometimes, they don’t pass crucial information along about a nurse. This results in the nurses having to repeat themselves.


While there is one downside to travel nursing with Aureus Medical, it’s a rather small gripe.

Most nurses would agree that the agency lives up to its hype and reputation in the world of travel nursing.

Any nurse that’s looking for great benefits, competitive pay, and dedicated recruiters will find themselves more than satisfied with this agency. 

Ready to start your travel nursing journey? Then start traveling today!

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