Travel Nurse Across America Agency Review 2023

Travel Nurse Across America, also known as TNAA, is one of the most reputable travel nursing agencies in the nation.

They frequently land spots on top 10 lists throughout the country. Although the company’s based in Little Rock, Arkansas, they staff nationwide.

If you want to become a travel nurse and you’re looking for in-depth details on Travel Nurse Across America, you’re in the right place.

Why Choose Travel Nurse Across America?

Overall, the experience of travel nursing with the Travel Nurse Across America agency is extremely positive. This is according to the various nurses that have shared details about their time with the company online.

Travel Nurse Across America prides itself on their extremely experienced staff that consistently reinforces the company’s vision and culture. They want to give travel nurses world-class customer service across the country.

TNAA Recruiters and Support Staff

TNAA’s non-nursing support staff is located all over the United States. This makes it easier for nurses to quickly get in touch with nearby representatives.

As with most other travel nursing agencies, a traveler’s recruiter will be their primary point of contact.

Luckily, Travel Nurse Across America hires experts that are already knowledgeable in the job search process. This allows them to easily handle the majority of issues themselves.

Apart from recruiters, TNAA also has an expansive support staff structure for:

  • Housing
  • Human resources
  • Payroll

The agency believes providing expert assistance in these fields helps travel nurses achieve optimal conditions more quickly.

TNAA Job Board

The TNAA Job Board is also a major part of the TNAA travel nursing experience.

While many agencies have difficulties managing their job openings, Travel Nurse Across America has an actively managed job board that gets updated every day.

The system pulls in jobs from all available TNAA resources and automatically removes positions once they’ve been filled.

Some other agencies’ job boards frequently display jobs that aren’t actually open anymore. TNAA provides a welcome tech-savvy experience.

It also allows nurses to receive notifications and job alerts when they’re waiting for an assignment.

Pros and Cons Of Travel Nurse Across America

There are a lot of upsides to working with TNAA. Some of them include:

  • Culture of transparency and support
  • Clear assignment benefits
  • Excellent benefit structure
  • Great relations with client facilities

Like all other travel nursing agencies, you’ll also want to be aware of potential downsides. Luckily, TNAA has only one to keep in mind:

  • Unpublished pay rates

4 Benefits of Travel Nurse Across America

1. Company Culture

One of the things that makes TNAA unique is their devotion to a transparent and open company culture.

Since the agency’s inception in 1999, Travel Nurse Across America has been on a path to fulfilling all the expectations of the average travel nurse. This is because many of of those nurses had negative experiences with disingenuous and unresponsive agencies before.

With that in mind, TNAA set out to become a trusted partner to U.S. travel nurses.

2. Clear Assignment Benefits

In most cases, the travel nursing pay packages are more complex than ordinary permanent pay packages. That complexity frequently leads to confusion.

In some cases, travel nurses are frustrated when discovering that their weekly pay is lower than they thought it would be.

With that in mind, TNAA decided to get in front of the problem and prevent any confusion around pay packages.

The agency has several policies that prevent confusion. The most important policy is the Assignment Benefits Summary. Recruiters send these to every nurse before an assignment.

3. Generous Benefit Structure

The ABS report that TNAA sends also discloses the overtime bonus that travel nurses will get on an assignment.

There’s a special rate for nurses’ extra hours called “TNAA Boost Pay.” Travel nurses qualify for this if they work an extra shift.

Depending on the assignment, these bonus payments can vary. However, travel nurses always know what kind of overtime benefits to expect. This is because it’s transparently disclosed in their ABS report.

There’s also a Low Census Pay protection protecting nurses in case their shifts get canceled due to low patient censuses.

TNAA also provides:

  • Health
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Sick leave

For travel nurses deciding to bring pets, there are even optional pet benefits.

4. Great Relations With Client Facilities

Compared to less experienced agencies, Travel Nurse Across America boasts in-depth relationships with their client facilities.

While these are often the same clients that other agencies collaborate with, TNAA has worked hard to build trustful, deep relationships with all of their client hospitals.

The agency always has candid talks with hospitals in case things aren’t going right so they can salvage and improve the relationship. This also results in better working conditions for all of their travel nurses.

Downside of Travel Nurse Across America

Unpublished Pay Rates

One thing that TNAA doesn’t do is openly publish the pay rates for each job on their travel nursing job board.

In fact, their internal company policy prevents recruiters from disclosing pay rates when they use third-party sites (like social media platforms) to promote job opportunities.

According to the agency, this policy exists because pay packages aren’t uniform, and they’re frequently customized to suit the needs of individual travel nurses.

TNAA could be seen as untruthful if nurses were to get a different pay package than the one that was advertised.


Travel Nurse Across America is one of the most reputable travel nurse agencies in the United States.

From a great job board to clear expectations, TNAA is certainly a solid choice.

While the unpublished pay rates may be a bit frustrating, the experiences travel nurses have with them are extremely positive!

So, are you ready to start your travel nursing adventures? Then start traveling today!

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